Government urged to adopt sustainable environmental policies


By Adewumi Ojo

An environmentalist,  Mr Adegoke David  has called for environmental protection policies from the government saying it remains the best way of protecting, preserve human life including the environment.

The environmentalist told Nigerian NewsDirect that Nigeria is a country that is far behind in environmental protection guildline  which according to him posed danger to both human and wild life.

He disclosed that both the waterways, wildlife, should be protected and also look into a sustainable development of the nation’s natural endowments which if properly harnessed will yield more economic development.

According to him “Government should not just talk about development without considering the environment.

“There is need for Government to think deeply about the action they take, we need to look at the natural resources that God has provided and use them in a sustainable way.

“That we don’t pay for air doesn’t mean we should pollute the air, that we have water in abundance doesn’t mean we should waste it,’

“ There must be sustainable policies that will protect the environment and also the people, this will go a long way for our safety and also protecting the people including the wildlife.”

“We should not affect the environment in such a way that when you ask your children what a forest is, it becomes an abstract thing because they won’t get to see forests.

“Government has a duty to protect our environment and make it a household word that everybody will be part of.

“So, when government spends so much money in Ministries of Health, Works and others, and appropriate little to Ministry of Environment, they are not actually thinking sustainability,” he submitted.


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