Government stringent policies frustrating our operations – Bin Shittu


MD/CEO Bin Shittu Travels and Tours in this interview with OLUYINKA ONIGBINDE …bares his mind on Nigerians’ experiences overseas and other sundry issues: Excerpts:

Being a travelling expert how do you react to Nigerians deported from Libya recently?

Based on reports and our findings it was discovered that not all were deported but some were rescued by the Nigerian government, due to the fact that they do not have their genuine travelling documents.

Although issues like this are not new to places where there are illegal immigrants from other African countries, it is just that  the media has given it  much publicity, Morocco and Libya precisely have been at the top of this practice, reports have it that any illegal immigrants discovered en-voyage on the sea are jettisoned right there .

How long have you been in this business and what are the challenges

It’s been 14years now and I must confess there are many challenges that cannot be mentioned here, we had challenges with dealing with insincere agents abroad and some clients can prove difficult too

However, we had resolved over the years, we have also ensured that we maintain integrity in all our dealings. Another major challenge we also have is the government stringent policies that are frustrating our operations.

What’s your reaction to reports that our citizens are being sold as slaves?

Aside what is being reported, it is true that people are being sold for as low as 400dollars while some are caught and killed, though things are hard in the country  but people ended up spending more by risking their lives via what I referred to as death-trap travelling ,just as we have this trend overseas, we also have people merchandising other people in Nigeria as maids too, it is my candid appeal to our government to look into how we could encourage by subtly relaxing series of regulations and policies that seem to be frustrating our legitimate operations

Don’t you think Nigerians are the only target of Libya attacks?

No, blacks are just their target, though they are white on black continent, their focus is on any illegal immigrant passing through their country to European countries.

As you know Nigerians are not the only blacks in Africa, it should also be noted that there are numerous Nigerians living in Libya with their genuine documents without experiencing any problem.

What advice do you have for our youths aiming to travel overseas?

I will advise they should look out for genuine agents like us, first, people need orientations on their destinations as to know what is entails before travelling out of the country.

At Bin Shittu we care for our clients’ welfare and security even for coverage at their respective country of destination, we can even sue any company or agents that defaulted in our agreement, however instead of people going through death trap, they can also get focus and be serious with whatever they are doing here and not to embark on a journey of seeming no return.

What other benefit does Bin Shittu Travel and Tours international offers?

Aside people seeking greener pastures overseas we also process spiritual travelling and tour of Jerusalem and hajj/Umrah for people with high degree of integrity which stand us out since inception.


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