God does no evil: The story of omoworare 


Bethlehem, Egypt and Ile Ife are those ancient  cities in same category.

Ile Ife in Osun State may be so small and unimportant in the world but that’s the undisputed origin of the over 30 millions of  Yoruba people. A city that is as old as world itself.

That the city was little to be among the thousands of ethnics  in Nigeria, yet produced the most prominent  first Governor-General of the western state of the entity called Nigeria. It was like one of those hamlets, small but mighty.

More like those small pharises that produced great and great men of valour  and  attaining greater dignity of world parish.

From this small but great historical town, there went forth a youth unknown to fame, a barrister, the grandson of one of the most respected monarchs and almost unnoticed among his own kindred to the city of  Lagos, he rose to serve two terms as a legislator and became the majority leader of one of the crowded city in the world.

The last time I read the holy bible I saw a very related story of his in the life and time of Prophet Daniel.

Conventional wisdom has long held that each community is blessed with one Christopher or the other and may be that’s the correlation that exist between  Cristopher Colombo and our dear Sen Babajide Christopher Omoworare …

Most of these great men in history  were also later loved by their people, unappreciated at the beginning but only at the later part of their expeditions.

Readers can see the correlation  with the numbers of churches in our Nigeria of today compared to Israel and Bethlehem the true home of Jesus Christ. Our votes against Jide and his like in 2015 will forever remain a perpetual scar in the dark side of our community’s history but even at that, God has continued to manifest in this gentleman some uncommon benevolence of ife.

Today, he has been so rewarded by the presidency who reposed confidence in him. That is the reality of today and the news we must all embrace to appreciate God in the life of this astute politician.

With no shred of doubt this new position is reserved for only individuals of excellence, high integrity, competence and great values; thankfully he possesses these rare qualities and remains best man for the job.

Let’s therefore celebrate our own Christopher on the attainment of this fresh milestone in his political timeline.

Hon. Rotimi Makinde

Ex Reps Member (2011-2015) Ife Federal Constituency



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