Ghanaian hottest artiste, Deborah Vanessa records gains over her nude photo

Deborah Vanessa

Years ago when she posted her nude photo online, it was a top subject of discussion within the entertainment circle in Ghana and beyond. Deborah Vanessa, who was lying stark naked in a bed on a social media site, Deborah Vanessa 2 Deborah Vanessa has said in a recent interview that she had no regret whatsoever about that act.

But in the middle of the entire hullabaloo, the Uncle Obama hitmaker, Deborah Vanessa, has said that she does not regret doing that. She said this in an interview with Delay on the Delay Show.

Deborah Vanessa
Deborah Vanessa

“No I don’t regret posting my nude photo. In fact that day, it gave me a lot of views on YouTube from 23,000 to 30,000. That picture was not meant for social media, they were for a photographer friend of mine who was writing a book on boudoir photography,” she said. Narrating how the picture got in the media circle, she said; “ it was posted by the photographer after he called and asked for my consent.”


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