Fulani herdsmen’s malignant ferocity


On the Biblical Day of Judgement, what would President Muhammadu Buhari adduce as reason for his tacit support for killer Fulani herdsmen in their nationwide murderous exploits?

Most Nigerians have insinuated that as a Fulani himself, he is covertly or overtly backing these marauders to wreak havoc all over the country. We believe this assertion in toto. On the New Year’s day, January 1, 76 citizens of Benue State were woken from their sleep only to be slaughtered by these agents of the devil.

President Buhari had no answer to this human butchery than to beg families of the bereaved to embrace the killers and non-indigenes. Ever since, the marauders had been having a field day killing innocent citizens almost every day in most states. Do we have a government in place? Our answer is no. this country is rather unfortunate to have a clannish napotic President at this point in time.

Last Tuesday the killers laid siege to a local government in Ondo State forcing workers and others to scamper for safety. The casualties are inestimable.  

The President ab initio of his governance had told Nigerians that he belonged to no one but to everybody. This statement had been discovered to be a ruse and a hoax to hoodwink gullible citizens. 

His actions in office had shown that he is probably the most tribalised head of state Nigeria ever had. No thanks to his lopsided appointments to government posts be it Customs, Police and his kitchen cabinet.

Those herdsmen are about to wipe out the whole country and yet President Buhari has no proactive solution to this menace.  Patriotic Nigerians had given him some clues on how to tackle the herdsmen.

Each time the killers struck, President Buhari was always doing what he knew best, that is his useless rantingws that we are on top of the situation, deployment of a contingent of soldiers and other security operatives which produced little or no result to say the least. He in his wisdom or unwisdom has decided not to take the fight to the killers in their den.

Suggestions made had been brazenly rebuffed by him, simply because the killers are his kinsmen. The killers know that with President Buhari in the saddle, they have a free reign to kill innocent Nigerians without let or hindrance and this is rather unfortunate.

The President should change his clannish and nepotic proclivity in governance. We have offered some suggestions in the past on how to deal with this menace: it is very worrisome and annoying that since this madness started over the years not a single member of the killers had been arrested and prosecuted; the leader of the dreaded Miyetti Allah should be arrested and prosecuted. Stories had it that the Federal Government was intimated of the attack of Benue citizens according to the state governor Samuel Ortom, but the Federal Government refused to act.

The source of acquiring AK 47 rifles and other arms should be meticulously probed, while their sponsors should be unmasked. A situation whereby some rag-tag almajiris hold guns illegally should be probed. If President Buhari has nothing to hide, he should henceforth order the mass arrests of the killer herdsmen.

Stories going the round in the country say President Muhammadu Buhari is clandestinely gearing up to Islamize the country, so his lukewarm attitude to these Fulani herdsmen menace should not tilt to this insinuation. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. He should change his mindset and tactics in governance. The All Progressives Congress (APC) no doubt has lost focus and steam, becoming unpopular daily.   



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