FRSC urges drivers to utilize speed limit device


By Salako Tijani

Ogun state Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has urged road users most especially drivers to utilize the speed limit device.

The Ogun state corp sector commander, Clement Oladele said this in an exclusive interview with Nigerian NewsDirect.

 He explained that the FRSC corps are not just monitoring the speed limit but also sensitizing motorists on speed limit limitation voluntarily.

He expressed that speed limitation will sustain vehicles long life span and keep vehicles in shape.

 Oladele explained that the issues of licence and plate numbers which are usually given to drivers are used in certifying and regulating drivers.

According to him, “the FRSC takes regulation seriously in order to recognize each vehicle even if the driver is not the owner.”

The corps of recent has been collaborating with other agencies to ensure effective road management system across the state.

FRSC agency has been ensuring that traffic violators are punished for violating    traffic laws.

The sector commander,  while highlighting importance of the fire extinguisher said, “fire extinguisher goes beyond its usage. Although it doesn’t prevent crashes or accident but it serves as first aid if any emergency occurs.

 “The corps also helps in ensuring that all safety appliances are well installed in a vehicle for safety of the motorist at all time.

He added that the agency has ready to meet all requirements that needs to be mandated in other to prevent and protect the safety of people and not to allowed any crashes in any circumstances.

According to him, “all other traffic agencies in the state are in good relationship with the FRSC including the Police. FRSC is an agency that has different professions.

“Our future prospect is to ensure that ogun state stand high in all over the country with adequate enlightenment and sensitization while on driving in other to prevent crashes and accident in the state,” he added.


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