Former minister  sets to run for presidency 

Kabiru Tanimu Turaki

By Laiatu Augustine Bamaiyi, Birnin-kebbi

The former  minister on special duties, Barrister Kabiru Tanimu Turaki during president Goodluck Jonathan declared his intention to runs for 2019 presidential race under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He expressed his intention to runs for the presidential race  while  convening  a closed door  meeting with local government party officials  and state executives of the   party  in Birnin-kebbi over the weekend .

Barrister Kabiru added that he found it necessary to bags for the position due to the demands of  many Nigerian who advised him to contest for the president of the this country for better changes to the human lives .

He  said ” before I declared my  intention contest I have make consultations of support to my people and also friends and well wishers before  I  answer the requests of people who needed me to joints the presidential race in the forthcoming election of 2019 in this country”.

He said ” part of the reason why he conveyed a closed door meeting to seeks for his party officials support in kebbi , before the national officials declaration of my intention to joint the presidential race under my able party PDP”.

However, former minister said PDP has rule this country for sixteen years  which it has putting it best in providing all the necessary needs  to the citizenry.

Such as infrastructure, roads construction projects, security to Nigerians and also  create enable environment to the foreign investors to invests in the country for the growing of country economy and which many investors in the country has seen the delight of today .

The former Minister further  expressed his dismay over the present administration of APC for undermine and antagonising all what PDP government put in placed because the APC government has fail woefully to deal with issue of insecurity in this country, rampant killing of innocent Nigerians and also disputes between fulani headmen and farmers .

He said that APC government has legalizes corruption which many Nigerians see it as a government institution where people make their money ,with the name of fighting corruption without knowing that corruption is within their cycles of government and which is now becoming an alarming one in this country.

The former minister also said that ” the APC likes integrity to the eyes of Nigerians for simple reason that it can’t  be able to conduct free and fairs election of wards and local government Congresses across the country which some states are even agitating to damp APC party to joint others parties “. He said the congresses conduct across country is a word of shamelessness.

He than urged Nigerians and PDP to give him the opportunity to serve this country as the next president of this country. Which he said with their support and help he will surely defeat  president Buhari in 2019 general election. He also appeals to the teeming youths to give his great party PDP second chance to rule the country for its correct its past mistakes.


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