Flooding: Menace that should be curbed


By Dada Jackson

One recurring decimal in the city of Lagos whenever it rains is the perennial flooding of the metropolis and even the hinterland.

This development over the years has continued to be a source of concern to successive governments in the state despite efforts being made to combat the menace of flooding in the state.

In a bid to address this ugly development, the Akinwunmi Ambode’s administration has been striving hard to find a lasting solution to this phenomenon which seems to be defying all known logic.

As a way of addressing this problem with the prevailentn rains approaching, the state government has through different for a cautioned Lagosians to desist from throwing refuse in the drain channels, which eventually results in flooding.

There has been a warring of heavy rainfall this year as predicted by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET).

The prediction seems to be coming to bear considering what Lagosians experienced last week as a result of the down pour in some parts of the state like Lekki, Ajah, Banana Island, Victoria Island just to mention a few.

These places were worst hit by the torrential rains that submerged most houses and even offices located there.

Lagos State is a coastal city and falls within the tropical belt that witnesseses heavy tropical rainfall most part of the year. As a result of this singular geographical posture the state was prone to intense flooding especially during the rainy season.

The state government in trying to curb this ugly development has put in place an effective deflooding programme to ensure that the state does not witness serious and devastating consequences as a result of flooding after a downpour.

The frequent drainage maintenance and constant de-silting which like waste management and health care delivery was a recurring decimal.

The state government in order to stem the tide of flooding in the state established in 2007, the Emergency Flood Abatement Gang (EFAG) as a quick response squad/team to; provide emergency services in cases of flood-related distress in the state.

Hinging its belief on solving or at least reducing to the barest minimum, the issue of flooding in the state and taking cognizance of the prediction by NIMET and in consideration of an analysis by the agate government and duly monitored in the last three months, the following areas of the state namely: Ketu, Mile 12, Agiliti, Thomas Laniyan Estate, Owode-Onirin, Agboyi, Owode Elede, Maidan and Isheri North are susceptible to flooding.

The state government has over the years advised Lagosians to move to higher grounds within the months of June to mid September and October to January. It has become imperative because the capacity of most of the canals was not likely to contain the volume of runoff expected from the rainfall and government owes as a responsibility to protect lives and properties.

For how long will Lagosians continue to experience severe flooding in the state going by the recent occurrences at the aforementioned places?

There is the need for the state government to be proactive on the issue of flooding in the state if only to demonstrate its readiness and willingness to combat frontally, this menace.


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