First lady dazzles as she hosts governors wives’ forum


First Lady Aisha Buhari who dazzled in sparkling attire Monday presided over a meeting aimed at reorganizing the Governors Wives’ Forum.

Wife of the president, Aisha Buhari
Wife of the president, Aisha Buhari

The meeting held inside the First Lady’s Conference Hall, Presidential Villa, Abuja, had in attendance over a dozen wives of state governors, as Mrs Buhari’s speech electrifies the Crowd.

“As wives of political office holders, we must continue to do our best in contributing to the success.

Mrs. Buhari said that the fact that constitution did not expressly provide any role for wives of the presidents, governors and other office holders did not mean they couldn’t make a difference in the lives of those who needed it.

She said the forum served as a platform for the women to support their husbands as they strove to bring about the promised change.

“I believe in our little ways, we can assist them to bring succour to the populace, especially those in need such as victims of insurgency in the North East and other forms of violence, physically challenged and other vulnerable groups.
“It is on this note I felt it is important for us to come together to strengthen our unity and extend our solidarity to each other under a common platform.

“There, we need to develop strong leadership structures in the two regions not only in one as the case with the already known Northern Governors Wives Forum of the country.”

The first lady said since as wives and mothers, their roles had always been supportive, their private efforts must be geared towards programmes that would impact positively on the lives of citizens particularly the less privileged members of the society.

She explained that as women, they have the capacity of turning around the socio-economic and political potential to generally improve the lives of the people.

The President’s wife identified areas of concern to include widowhood rites, female inheritance rights, female genital mutilation, early marriages, violence against women and children, high maternal mortality as well as women economic empowerment.


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