FG should make welfare of the people a priority


Nigerians are arguably the most unfortunate citizens on face of the earth, having suffered years of bad governance and neglect by governments at all levels.

All over the world, the priority or primary focus of every government hinges on the welfare of the people.

In Nigeria, the reverse is the case as those in government hardly carry out the responsibilities they were elected for. Most of them spend their tenure playing politics instead of giving their people good governance.

On the 29th  May 2019, the country marked her 20 years of democratic journey in the Fourth Republic. It is heartbreaking that the country has made little or no progress in the last 20 years.

Most of the hospitals across the country have turned to mere clinics due to years of neglect. The primary and secondary healthcare are in a shambles, which has compounded  pressure on the teaching hospitals, which are saddled with the tertiary healthcare delivery.

On education, the number of out -of -school children is now 13.2 million from 10.5 million it was in 2015, making Nigeria number one country in Africa and among the top five countries in the world with the highest rate of out- of- school children.

On the state of roads in most parts of the country,  a travel by road is better imagined than experienced as most of the roads are in bad shape.

Security is central to ensuring peace in a country and without peace, there cannot be any meaningful development. In this aspect of governance, the president and the governors have failed woefully.

Every now and then, Nigerians are getting killed by militia groups and the governments are  doing little or nothing to address this carnage that is  going on in various parts of the country.

The unemployment rate currently stands at 23.1 per cent and may rise to 33.5 per cent according to the immediate past Minister of Labour and  Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, by next year.

According to the World Poverty Clock, Nigeria is now the poverty capital of the world with about 91 million of her citizens living below poverty line.

As the country continues her uninterrupted democratic journey leading to her Silver Jubilee by 2025, we urge President Muhammadu Buhari and the Governors of the various states to show high level of leadership by addressing all these challenges confronting the nation.

They must be disciplined, consistent, courageous, circumspect and be truthful to their conscience and God in the way they govern the people.

Nigerians have been through hell and the time has come for them to experience governance embellished with altruistic service to the people by the leaders for the greater good of all.

The country is currently at a crossroads and the leaders must take a decision on the path that the nation must go.

Nigerian leaders must see through the screen to learn what it takes for one to be called a leader. It takes sacrifice to give the people quality leadership. The leaders will have to start making their sacrifices by ensuring that in the next five years, Nigerians have unhindered access to quality education, quality healthcare service delivery, good road networks and opportunities for employment,  as well as guarantee safety in any parts of the country they reside in.

As the saying goes, “Nothing lasts forever.”  It is not a question of sounding patriotic, but being in tune with the current realities. There may not be Nigeria tomorrow if the current trends of neglect continue.


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