Festive period: Expert calls for adherence to safety measure

Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola

For safety of lives and properties during and after this festive period, motorist and the entire public have been advised to always check their automobile functionality and adhere to safety measures before embarking on any journey.

This advice was given by an expert in maritime andautomobile sector,Mr. Ekene Obeleagu during a telephone conversation with NewsDirect calling on the people to think first about life before driving. Cases of automobile accident has characterized festive season in the past which has resulted to lost of millions of lives and properties. In order to avoid the persistence occurrence of this ugly incident, Ekene said adequate measure must be put in place for safety and to guild against occurrence of bad incident during the festive season.

“This is festive period and it is very demanding where people are always busy, one of the problems that people always have is the mood, this December is often the time they ravel with a car they have not even driven for months even some of them have not even driven for some months that do use drivers. They must respect driving rules in order to ensure safety.

“When they are buying a vehicle they should always test run it to confirm if it’s working perfectly, if it’s a vehicle they have been using before but abandoned they should give it to a driver that will test run it and confirm it full functionality for safety, all the tires should be properly checked, that a tire came with a vehicle doesn’t mean the tire is the best and its working perfectly. When a vehicle is been bought try and take it to a professional to check it if it’s working very well”.

He urged motorist to avoid reckless driving during yelutide and also drinking while driving or over speeding which according to him leads to untimely death and lots of damage property that can never be recovered.

He further attributed accident incident to lack of experience and also incompetent and reckless driving of some motorist who careless about the rules guiding driving. Ekene lamented on the inflow of substandard motorist material and too being imported into the country which are outdated and dangerous.

“Most of this tyres are tyres that has been condemned oversea, and they send it here while we are using it thinking it’s a brand new one, whereas it’s not and its dangerous, this must be check mated and look into because its casing a lot of havoc in the country.

“Ekene though applauded the role of road safety officials, but still urged them to carry out orientations that will guild the motorist and also the public; this according to him will go a long way in ensuring safety of lives and properties during and after the season.

“Road safety official have done a lot in fighting the issue of accident, but they still need to do more in educating this people because even some of them don’t understand nor no what’s should be put in place by ensuring safety on the road, some commercial drivers do go to the beer palour from there they jump into the car and move, this shouldn’t be it’s a suicide mission and must be avoided.

Road safety must sensitize them on the need to adhere to safety such as seat belt and other safety rules”


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