Facebook records 22m monthly users in Nigeria


Ahead of the launch of NG_Hub in Nigeria, statistics have shown that Facebook monthly users have risen to 22million.

“Giving communities in Nigeria the power to share and grow on Facebook is important to us”, the Facebook team said: “That’s why we are investing in local initiatives to promote innovation, job readiness and digital literacy to ensure Facebook has a positive impact on Nigeria’s economy and society”.

At $2 billion, the Lagos startup ecosystem is the most valuable in Africa, Facebook said, adding that NG_Hub is part of its ongoing commitment to grow a community of digitally empowered entrepreneurs, business leaders and people.

NG Hub will open early next year in Lagos in partnership with the Co Creation Hub. This multi-faceted space will bring together developers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and the wider community to collaborate, learn and exchange ideas.

Nearly one in two small businesses on Facebook in Nigeria built their business on the platform.

87% of small businesses in Nigeria, say digital skills are important when thinking about hiring a new employee, more important than where an applicant went to school.


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