Ezeilo debunks assertion of lawyers stalling corruption cases


A Lagos-based lawyer, Uche Ezeilo has debunked the statement by president Muhammadu Buhari that some corrupt lawyers and judges are frustrating the process of punishing corruption perpetrators as not a correct assertion reason being that we are a democratic and civilized nation and the process of judiciary is not something ordinary that is supposed to be hasty, adding that the court is there to do justice and at all times ensure the best interest of justice and substantial interest of justice.

“First of all, if sincerely the government is fighting corruption, I support it hundred percent. We need to move forward, the country is blessed with a lot of human and natural resources and there is no reason for not being a responsible nation” he said.

Ezeilo expressed concern on how money has been exchanged illegally without due process, even though the law prescribes how government is supposed to spend money which is through appropriation and if any money is not appropriated in the budget, to spend that money will be an illegal act.

He added that nobody has actually been convicted and we have not heard any name of somebody who has returned stolen money but if actually it is true that somebody is exchanging money as alleged, it is condemnable; we should condemn it and everybody should support the federal government to recover the looted funds; these are reasons the economy is suffering.

“Sometimes the way judiciary operates is not understood by laymen, the court has to go through trial, evidence, interlocutory applications and all that and if some evidences were not available at the initial stage of a case, somebody can bring application to put in such evidence which will have impact on the case and it might take days as it takes seven days to argue an application, and on the part of judges, are sometimes out of court for conferences and other official assignments and makes them unable to attend to cases pending before them” he explained.

Ezeilo said if one is not aware of court proceedings one can say they are delaying the fight against corruption and frustrating the process of punishing corrupt public servants and it will not be correct. He said that no matter what, what we want to see is justice at the end; to allow the court to do justice, gather all the documents, make a pronouncement and pass a sound judgment.


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