Expert calls for organic living of consumption  

Yemisi Ajayi, Ibadan
Members of the public has been advised to embrace the use of Natural product as a catalyst for boosting body hormone urging them to desist from use of inorganic chemical
This was disclosed by ‎he association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria (NOAN) and Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA)  during a three days summit at Airport Hotel in Ikeja Lagos
The summit with the theme; “Organic Agriculture: abundant opportunities for health and hospitality business adding in attendance ‎, the Governor of Lagos state Mr.Akinwumi Abode, Hon.Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, Hon.Minster of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh, Emeritus professor in the department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Stellenbosch in Cape town, Akin Abayomi,Dynamicist and participatory Mr.Jelili Adebiy,
The  Organic farming advocates discuss way forward on how to promote healthy ecosystem and hospitality business at this year’s National Organic Agriculture Business Summit.
According to the country’s Director of Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA), Dr. Gbenga Adeoluwa, the summit is a collaborative effort of Ecological Organic Agriculture partners with Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture with motive to address exhibition of organic produce and products to stimulate domestic, export trade, improve local and export business activities in the organic sector and among others.
He maintained that at the end of the summit, there won’t be usual declaration of purpose but follow it with actionable steps and also to create two to three years plan to achieve a sustainable goal of promoting organic agriculture in the country.
Also speaking guest speaker the emeritus professor in the department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Stellenbosch in Cape town, Akin Abayomi says chemicals we exposed to in our environment affects our genes and in turn affects our body system.
According to him, there are genetically modified farm produce whose original form has been altered saying though genetic modification was induced  because of people’s innocent demand  but noted that it has long term negative effects and therefore inhibit sustainable ecosystem.
He added that to enhance a sustainable healthy ecosystem in the country and to remove toxins from the system, there is need for reorientation for people to know how they can relate or affect their environment which is called biosecurity.
 An environmental scientist from Michigan State University (USA), Jelili Adebiyi noted that food grown according to certified organic standard is safe for consumption but conventional crops are grown with synthetic inputs like fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and others with toxic substances which is not safe and the consumers are poised to become unhealthy.
Citing Norwegian’s mother and child cohort’s study, Adebiyi said consumption of organic vegetables during pregnancy associated with reduced risk of pre-eclampsia, a form of pregnancy disorder compared to consumers of inorganic vegetables.
He therefore tasked on regulation of enforcement and monitoring of embraced and expand alternatives to pesticides centered farming system as way forward to unhealthy ecosystem which consist human, animals, plants and environment.


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