Executive Order 10 is a victory for our Democracy: Oyo Deputy Speaker


…says there is a perfect relationship between the Executive and Legislative

Akinlabi Afolabi, Ibadan

Sequel to the signing of an executive order granting financial autonomy to the judiciary and legislature in the 36 states of Nigeria by President Muhammadu Buhari, the Deputy Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly, Abiodun Mohammed Fadeyi, has declared it a victory for Democracy .

Hon Abiodun Fadeyi representating Ona Ara State Constituency backed the order as he sees it as a good thing in the right direction in the development of Democracy

” It’s a good thing in the right direction, it’s true we are not there yet but this is a step to reach our destination.”

He added that the existing seperation of power has financial implications as the legislatives are entitle to be financially independent

“If we are practicing democracy, there is nothing wrong in having an independent arm of govt so that we won’t just have that political independent but equal financial implications.”

Talking about the recent critics from the opposition on the approval of the N20B loan which he clarified as a loan for infastructural development and to redefine the state so as to woo investors into the state.

“The #20B loan is for infastructural development because we are trying to move away from the old ways which is waiting for allocation from Abuja. This loan will attract investors to invest in the state and develop thr IGR.”

” The infastructural development will attract investors into the state and also give them confidence to participate which is one of the reasons why the state government created a new ministry, ministry of energy which has never been done before.”

“The collection of loan is not to pay salaries but to invest and create jobs for the people.

Speaking on the relationship between the State government and State legislatives arms of government in the 366days which he is said the relationship is over 100% perfect

“It’s is perfect because the Gov has done brilliantly well in the development of the state. This is the first time I am seeing a gov whi has systematically demistify power in the state in the sense that he is the gov of the people and he is living up to the task.”


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