Entertainment is not for the weak – Okiemute, Project Fame winner


Twenty-five  year old Linguistics & Communications graduate from University of Port Harcourt, Okiemute Ighorodje, winner of the 9th edition of the MTN Project Fame West Africa, who recently dropped an EP with the title ‘PH610’ in a chat with Dupe Ayinla-Olasunkanmi, speaks on the link of the new work with her personality, and other issues.

Tell us about your EP?

My EP which is titled PH610 is an embodiment of my personality as an artist. Firstly the meaning of the title signifies my audition tag number in Port Harcourt for the project fame West Africa audition, for me that was an opportunity for me to show case myself. So the title is very significant.

I want my audience to grow with me; I want my fans to feel me, one step at a time.

Did you envisage becoming the winner?

No I didn’t, I just wanted to show case myself and basically have fun while doing that.

Getting into the academy, what were your fears?

Getting into the academy, my fear were, me not able to give a good performance and also not having anything to show for it afterward.

How do you intend to survive, with the competition becoming high?

This industry isn’t for the weak, I have come to understand that working hard and consistency is the major key in this business. I intend to stay focus and believe in my brand to survive. The sky is big enough for every star to shine.

Have you gotten all your entitlement from the sponsors?

As for my entitlement promised by the sponsors, all are being fulfilled accordingly.

Tell us what makes your music different from what we have been listening to?

What makes me special is the fact that I am really true to my profession as an artist (when it comes to performance, I leave 101% on the stage) and also my love for my fans  and I  am a happy brand.

Who inspired your passion for music?

My inspiration for music has always been my love to perform in front of people, as a child I found it very interesting and felt really happy that my eldest sister also made me the lead singer while we sing in group to our neighbors.

How long do you intend to stay?

I intend to continue in the industry as God wills and as long as I breathe because music is my life, my beginning and my end.

How did you spend your money?

My money won will be a discussion for another day maybe. Soon when making more money this period of investment.


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