Ebonyi State: Independent democrats will win gubernatorial  poll — Obasi


By Barth Ndubuwah, Port Harcourt

As  countdown to the  2019 general elections in Nigeria begins, the Deputy Gubernatorial Candidate of the Independent Democrats  Party in Ebonyi State, Mr Uchechukwu Cyprain Obasi has said that his party will emerge victorious in the elections.

Obasi stated this in an exclusive interview with Nigerian NewsDirect  in Port Harcourt on his political ambition in the not-too-distant general polls in the country.

Throwing more light on his party and its chances of winning the forthcoming general elections in Nigeria, Obasi  said his party, Independent Democrats stands for the unity and justice of Ebonyi people and Nigerians in general.

According to him,  ”having being duly cleared by INEC, the coast is clearer now  for me to clinch the post of the Deputy Governor of my  State ,Ebonyi  alongside my principal, Hon Grace Uduma Eze, who  by God’s grace will be sworn in as the Governor of Ebonyi State by May, 29, 2019 after the elections.

Obasi said the big noisy parties in Ebonyi State, such as the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and  the All Progressives Congress(APC) will be shocked when the results of the elections will be announced. “ The outcome  of the gubernatorial elections in Ebonyi State is going to be a shocker. It is my belief that the result will not go either the way of PDP or APC because those are our noisy neighbours,” he said.

On his message to his opponents  and supporters alike. Obasi said, “my message to the opposition is that  election  is a game and should be seen as such, therefore if you don’t win, accept it in good fate. There is no need for violence or problem. You play the game, but you don’t need to die for it. As  for my supporters, you should just cast your votes rightly  for me  on the logo that has a running tap and just leave it there. That is the logo of the Independent Democrats Party.

When the votes are counted, you will be surprised what the outcome will be, it of course will be in my favour,” Obasi boasted.

Throwing more light on his political journey so far, the deputy gubernatorial candi-date said, “my political ambition started a long time ago even as a family nuclear and network  of relations and rose to the level it is today. It is a dream one nursed a long time ago, after seeking the face of God and my people asked me to go, I aspired  for the State House of Assembly for Ahaozara West Constituency, but that did not materialize. But now that I have been cleared by INEC to contest the Deputy Governor’s seat, I see it as a great privilege to serve my people at a higher pedestal,” he said


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