DStv, subscribers at war over “pay as you view” system


By Bukola Olanrewaju

Contrary to recent outcry by Subscribers over what they described as unfair treatment, the digital satellite television operator, Multichoice Nigeria has announced that the company would not operate the “pay as you view” tariff system in Nigeria.

In a statement, Chief Customer Officer of Multichoice, Martin Mabutho, said the company does not have any plan to operate and introduce the pay as you view system.

“We are not going to introduce pay as you view system. Our contract with our suppliers is on month to month basis,’’ he stated.

“The issue of not introducing pay as you views remains. Nothing will change it.

“We are not going to do it. Our contract with our suppliers is month to month basis. The channels do not belong to Multichoice.

“What we do is to slash our prices by half to make our customers enjoy our services.’’

Mabutho said Multichoice would continue to give acquisition promos or loyalty promos to customers every quarter as incentives.

Customers pay on month to month basis to enjoy the services of the company whether channels are watched or not.

Despite dominating the satellite broadcast space in Nigeria since the past 25 years, Multichoice has remained adamant not to introduce the pay as you view system.

The company also announced that it will reduce subscription rate on its terrestrial platform, GOTV from August 1, 2018. While in a similar report, the Pay TV  also announced an increase in its DSTV packages, through the same channels of communication to its subscribers.

“However, a pay-per-view plan will enable subscribers pay only for specific channels that they watch within a specific time frame, instead of a full bouquet.”

Earlier some subscribers have kicked against the move by Multichoice to increase charges as they view it as extortion.

While DStv subscribers pleaded with the Federal Government to enact a law to compel MultiChoice to introduce “pay-as-you-view billing’’ system. The subscribers who took to social media to express their displeasure saying that there was need for such billing system, as it would ensure value for subscription.

Many of the subscribers complained of paying for what they did not get services for, saying that after several complaints, MultiChoice did not listen.

@Funmi_o wrote: “My family and I only watch four channels. I don’t see the reason I should pay for a bouquet I don’t use. Please let’s pay as we use.’’

@Omoaegbetuyi said: “If it’s not Premium Bouquet, it’s not complete entertainment #DStv, we need pay-as-U-view. How much to watch #SuperSport n #MNet channels only.’’

According to the subscribers, they do not watch all the channels allotted in the different bouquets and would prefer to pay only for the channels they watch.

@Omoaegbetuyi said: “If it’s not Premium Bouquet, it’s not complete entertainment #DStv, we need pay-as-U-view. How much to watch #SuperSport n #MNet channels only.”


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