DPR unveils penalties for errant depots, filling stations


By Folake Ogunleye

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has unveiled penalties for errant depot owners and filling stations violating downstream guidelines to ensure access to petroleum products at official prices.

This follows malpractices such as selling above ex depot prices and sales to bulk purchaser by depot owners contrary to guidelines. The penalty is also to discourage sales of premium motor spirit (PMS) above the official pump price.

In a statement issued by the DPR and signed by the Zonal Operations Controller Wole Akinyosoye, errant depot owners caught selling will be punished severely.

The DPR said some depot are selling PMS to unlicensed persons and also some retails are selling above the industry -set cap price which has bring hardship to the consumer.

Zonal operations controller, Lagos  Mr Wole Akinyosoye confirmed that depot owners selling PMS to illegal bulk purchaser will pay a fine of N10 million and  caught selling above the official price will pay N30 million  In the new arrangement,

A fine of N10 million will also be paid by any Depots selling PMS to unlicensed bulkier buyer and also the Deport will be close down within six month after which the products in the Deport have been sold.

Selling PMS above approved ex-Depot Price – A fine of Twenty Million Naira, closure of the erring Depot for at least three months. PPMC shall also exclude the erring Depot from Coastal supply allocation for at least a period of one calendar year.

According to him, he said retail outlet selling above the PMS price will be shut down for six months and the station will be auctioned off the public.

He said a fine of N200.00 per would be imposed on the hoarded product and the station will be close down for six month. Beside he said the product recovered will be auctioned off free to the public.

He said the operators should be advice accordingly and also the government is doing everything to ensure restoration of normalcy of the sector.

According to him it has come to the notice of the Department that some depot owners are selling PMS to unlicensed bulk buyers and some retailers at prices above the approved ex-depot prices. “We have also noticed that some retail outlets hoard PMS or sell at above the industry-set cap price.

“We are also assuring the public that the government’ is doing everything to ensure restoration of normalcy to the sector.


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