Don’t start another Niger-Delta struggle in Awori land — Olota


Story by Moses Adeniyi

The Olota of Ota land, HRM Oba (Prof.) Adeyemi Obalanlege, has expressed deep concerns on what has been described as the ‘marginalization of Awori people’ in the running of governmental affairs in Lagos and Ogun State, pointing out a red flag to avoid the outbreak of a similar Niger-Delta struggle in Awori land.

Speaking on Monday at the event of the yearly celebration of the Ita-Oba Day, the Monarch, described Aworis as intelligent people capable of occupying the governorship position of Ogun State, stating that the Aworis knows their right and would resist any attempt to infringe on such rights.

He added further that the Aworis by reason of their population strength, stands in position to be accorded recognition and due consideration in government appointments in Ogun State, warning against a possible fight back if the Aworis are pushed to the wall and their expectations not met.

Speaking at the occasion the Olota warned “As Oba I don’t dabble into politics, but today I want join issues with my distinguish Asiwaju and offer a word of advice for the Governors of Lagos and Ogun States.

“Aworis are very intelligent people, I want you to know. As a royal father I want to repeat again, I don’t dabble into politics, so whatever I say now is spiritual; if you like it take it, if you don’t like it don’t take it. Lagos and Ogun State populate Awori people. Awori people represent 70% of Lagos State and we also occupy most of the areas in Ogun West.

“We are intelligent and we can also occupy the post of the governor of Ogun State; there is no doubt about that, but when you marginalise the people because we have been keeping quiet, does not mean we cannot fight for our right. Please don’t start another Niger-Delta in Awori-land.

“We have been appealing to you to do the needful. Do the right thing. You cannot come to our land and marginalise us, but some people can go to Osun, they can go to Ondo and become governors, leaving Lagos, but where do you want us to go! Please don’t push us.”

Going further in his warning, he called on the Government to fulfill their promises as advanced during campaign, warning that any politician who reneges in campaign promises should not think of returning to seek their mandate in future time.

In his comment he said “You have campaigned, you have made your promises, please fulfill your promises. I’m not going to dabble into politics, but I can assure you if you don’t fulfill your promise and you come back again, we know what to do. I’m not going to tell my people what to do, but my people know what to do.

“We are fighters but we will not allow any-one to come here and promise us and fail to fulfill their promises, thinking that we are mungu (fools). We are not mungu. So if you come without fulfilling your promise, please you know what to do; don’t even come around to campaign.

“Honestly we believe that in the numbers of commissioners to be appointed in Lagos, we should have nothing less than seven Aworis and we are watching again in Ogun State. We have professionals, we have people that are vast in business, in corporate world, and in all spheres of life.

Remarking on the population strength of the Awori people in Ogun State he said, “So I’m sure the government of Ogun State is aware of all these and we are not going to be happy if we are marginalised in Ogun State.

“Adodo Ota alone has a constituency whereas when you go to other parts of Ogun West, two Local Governments will emerge to form a constituency. So we have the population, we have the numbers, so don’t just treat us as a Local Government. We are more than a Local Government…..I believe a word is enough for the wise.”

Similarly, the Onibuku of Ibuku, HRH Oba Abraham Bankole called on the government to address the issue of marginalization of the Awori people, stressing that the government should “as a matter of urgency” look unto the direction of the Aworis for a favour.

He stressed further that lawful measures would be taken to vote-out any government that turns a blind eye on the interest and concerns of Aworis.


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