Donald Trump congratulates Hillary Clinton


Twitter blew up when Hillary Clinton formally accepted the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination on Thursday.

The following is a selection of reactions, from Clinton supporters and her Republican opponent Donald Trump: President Barack Obama

@POTUS “Great speech.

\She’s tested. She’s ready. She never quits. That’s why Hillary should be our next @POTUS. (She’ll get the Twitter handle, too)” Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate @realDonaldTrump “No one has worse judgement than Hillary Clinton – corruption and devastation follows her wherever she goes.”

Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s primary rival @BernieSanders “I congratulate @HillaryClinton on this historic achievement. We are stronger together.”

Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump “Our way of life is under threat by Radical Islam and Hillary Clinton cannot even bring herself to say the words.” Nicholas Kristof, New York Times columnist @NickKristof “Hillary Clinton was never renowned for oratory, but tonight’s speech was the best I’ve ever seen her give–esp when standing up to Trump” Jon Lovett, TV writer and producer @jonlovett “Last week was a convention about Donald Trump.

This is a convention about America. I like America better.” Bill Clinton @billclinton “More than ever, I’m with her, our next President.” Rich Galen, former press secretary to Republican House speaker Newt Gingrich @richgalen “How can it be that I am standing at my kitchen counter sobbing because of the messages being driven at the DNC? Where has the GOP gone?” Sam Tanenhaus, author @samtanenhaus “Her best speech –once she got to trump and loosened up. ‘

Didn’t shed the ‘trust’ baggage but no one trusted Nixon either and he won twice”


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