Disturbing rumour about coup d’etat


Nigeria’s calm and equanimity were penultimate Tuesday ruffled with a rumour of impending coup d’etat by a set of disgruntled elements in the country’s polity. Earlier on, the Chief of Amy Staff, Lt-General Tukur Yusuf Buratai had given both army’s rank and file a stern warning telling the soldiers and officers to never nurse such idea saying that the army would not interfere in the politics of the nation and that the armed forces are solidly behind the President, that it would not truncate the country’s democracy.

There were insinuations that certain greedy and voracious politicians were trying to infiltrate the military in an attempt to satanically prevail on the military to strike and make nonsense of the wobbling and fragile democracy thus throwing back the country to square one.

The rumour virtually rattled progressive Nigerians wondering why some politicians would at this time want the military back in the political scene. Such hob-nobbing politicians would not have had the good of the country at heart other than what they could gain from such diabolic escapade going by past experiences.

However in a swift reaction, prominent Nigerians including All Progressives Congress (APC) leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at an occasion widely condemned the intent saying Lagosians would shoot down the unnecessary action at this time saying there was no cause for such action. Also, Lagos fiery lawyer, Femi Falana, Professor Pat Utomi and others were on the same page with Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the issue.

In the same vein, the Defence Headquarters in a terse statement by its spokesperson condemned the move saying the army would not allow itself to be infiltrated no matter what and how, saying such action and actors would be seriously dealt with warning such soldiers to beware of their rapport with such civilians.

Equally, some enlightened Nigerians have condemned in totality the idea of military putsch at this time saying even if the incumbent government is not performing as expected, the military’s presence in the polity is not the solution because the many problems Nigeria is currently grappling with were caused by the military over the years. They posit that it is better to have wobbling and fumbling democracy than having another military government in place which will make nonsense of the small democratic gains the nation had had over the years.

Military governments all over the world are known to be brutal and clueless tossing with citizens’ human rights, making life excruciating for the citizens with draconian decrees, coming to make life much more difficult with no visible improvement in the polity.

The military authorities have signified their intention to unravel this coup attempt and to bring to book those behind the plot in their rank. They should expedite action and make public their findings soonest because it is not a matter to toy with.

We salute Nigerians especially the down-trodden who en-masse had condemned the rumour saying it would further impoverish them and the nation.

We equally warn politicians with that intention to shelf the idea because it is already dead on arrival. Nigerians don’t want the military at this time of Nigeria’s economic recession and at any other time. The politicians should be placed on close watch and anyone found to be culpable should be exposed and dealt with according to the laws of the land.

Soldiers if at all found hob-nobbing with politicians with a view to perpetrating a coup should be exposed and dealt with militarily. Nigeria cannot afford to fight another harrowing civil war now going by Lt-General Theophilus Danjuma (retd)’s advice saying no country fights a civil war twice and survives.

We say NO to coup at this time of our democratic experience. The army should not fall to the antics of political carpet beggars and political interlopers in our midst to wreck havoc in the country thus drawing back the clock hands of development thus creating a state of anomy. So the army should watch it and take appropriate action on this fiery rumour and bring culprits to book.


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