Discos give conditions for improvement in power supply

Power generation

The executive director, Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors ( ANED) Barrister (Chief) Sunday Oduntan said DISCOs will improve if liquidity crisis is solved in the sector.

He said as long as the sector is not liquid, the Electricity Distribution Companies can’t have power. “So, if we know the problem, let us look at the solution in such a way that will put the interest of Nigerians first and the interest of Nigerians is to have electricity.

According to him he said, all stakeholders should work together towards reducing the deficit in the industry. He also urged the Federal Government to do everything possible to deal with the issue of liquidity crises in the sector.

Speaking with Nigerian NewsDirect, he said all stakeholders should work together towards incremental Generation of power, increasing generation, expanding the transmission grid, and the distribution grid as well, because what Nigerians desire is to have stable electricity and we must move more towards achieving that.

He added that the greatest threat to the power sector today is the issue of Naira and Kobo and appropriate pricing because we can’t continue to under sell a product and expect magic this is something we have repeated over time and that situation has not changed.  We are buying power at N80.88K  and we are selling it N31.56K between N31 and N80 there is a shortfall and there is nobody bridging that shortfall.

“Even when I buy before I even collect and sell, I am already in debt because there is a shortfall already between N31 and N80. What we are saying is that we need to make the sector whole and solve liquidity problem and let do it in an holistic way and the issue of people saying discos are rejecting power in most cases is a mischievous point because we’ve made it very clear, if am buying power and I need to distribute the same power I should have a choice on where I want this power should be taken to by the Transmission Company of Nigeria so if they have problem taking my energy to where I don’t want it they should inform me;  dumping it in the place I don’t want makes me to  reject it and that is not rejection because for the sake of this business and for me not to die I should do things with common sense”

However, Oduntan said that Discos have a lot of shortcomings within the system which is being addressed.” We are looking at it, we promise this year will be different because we will do things better in terms of our customers service, in terms of our information management, in terms of letting people know what they need to know am assuring you that we will do our best this year.

“Customers should stop stealing energy, they should stop connection illegally, and they should have the culture of paying their bills and stop giving Disco staff money if they do that there will be an improvement in the sector but if they don’t the system will not change, “he said.


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