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The outcry and outburst of anger against Joseph Smart Hopewell has reached another dimension this week owing to his insult pelted at the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and for insulting Muslims & defiling the Holy Qur’an.

Moral 1This has prompted good Muslims to rise up in protest which has now spilled into the streets across Nigeria. Men were seen, heard and videoed chanting Allah Akbar! Death to Joseph Hopewell! Bring him to justice! And so on and so forth.

His book entitled JIHAD remains an offensive book to many. Sadly some agitators have found an excuse to rattle weary Muslims who are forced to defend their faith and Allah’s Rosul by all means necessary.

Moral 2These are dangerous times with the Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen crisis on our hands at present. So why does Joseph Hopewell want to multiply the nation’s woes and troubles at this time?

Woe unto authors like this who profit from dividing and defining us by our religion and faiths.  Authors like him are putting our collective lives at risk in this country.

Does he sleep well at night with his wife and children knowing full well that men are hunting him to harm him and his family?  He is now the subject of social media attacks and he is being vilified and bad mouthed by countless enemies online.

Not too long ago a woman named Bridget Agbawe, 74 was slaughtered and beheaded by a mob in a barbaric fashion for allegedly blaspheming Islam’s prophet at a market in Kano. The woman’s husband was nearly killed too. The question is: Did Joseph Hopewell hear about? Did that news not make him cringe? Does he realise his life is at risk in this country?

Moral 3No wonder the latest February/March edition of the prestigious AL-HAAQ Islamic newspaper calls upon the Sultan of Sokoto, eminent Ulamas and Muslim leaders of Nigeria to stop the author from spreading anarchy and uprising in our beloved nation. No wonder why many call for his head to and no wonder why he has become a marked man.

Granted that the Nigeria police are willing to protect every Nigerian but does the author believe that the Nigeria police can really protect him from nearly 100 million Muslims in this nation whom he has offended and ridiculed?

Does he think that the police or an army of security bodyguards can keep watch over him 24/7 even if he lives in a fortress? I seriously  doubt it.

I am not a security expert but common sense tells me that it will be a great feat to achieve. Even if they can protect him but for how long? He must not delude himself that he is safe anywhere in Nigeria or elsewhere on this planet where Muslims live and abound.

If I were Joseph Hopewell, I will look for a huge mountain and hide myself beneath it forever and seek Allah’s forgiveness. Will Muslims worldwide forgive his sin of blasphemy? Will they not avenge their Rosul and reclaim their honour? Will they not rise up in Jihad?

These are indeed the million dollar questions my people.

For the avoidance of doubt the book and evidence of his blasphemy is entitled: JIHAD with ISBN:9781500263683 published by Kingdom Gems and Pop Press.

Let the author beware!

  • Contributed by Abdul Razaaq Dankofa


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