Danjuma, Darius accused of igniting fresh Jukun/Tiv crisis in Taraba


A former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, (retd) has been accused of masterminding the Jukun/Tiv crisis that has left many dead and thousands displaced.

Danjuma, was also accused of inciting the Jukun Militia who for the past three months invaded border community to attack the people.

The President of Tiv Youth Council Hon Mike Chivir Msuaan, who made the allegation on Sunday at a press briefing warned that the Tiv Nation cannot continue being cannon fodder for the continued unity of Nigeria.

He said:”The Tiv Youth Council like all concerned patriots has watched with patriotic pain and disenchantment the persistent wars between the Tivs and the Jukuns in Taraba State which have intensified lately.

“Principally, the Governor of Taraba State Mr. Darius Ishaku has remained silent, this has provided cover for the Jukun militia, while also playing the ostrich, instead of addressing the matter as Chief security officer of the state. “

“The Jukun militia has remained irrepressibly resurgent, consistently coming up with sophisticated weapons, dreaded attack techniques and in several instances kitted as men of the Nigerian Army.

”The consistent tactics of the Jukun militia showed a streak of military training and a strong penchant to foment violence beyond primordial inclinations.

“The recent rape, maiming and killing of hepless Tiv Students and staff of the Federal University Wukari is indeed one too many, deserving thorough investigation by the security agencies and enduring solutions to entrench peace.

“It is quite surprising that despite several attempts to extend the olive branch and make the warring parties embrace peace, the efforts have all fallen through midway with no tangible results.

“This irrational development stirred our curiosity and prompted our Team to conduct a scrupulous inquiry into the factors fuelling and motivating the Jukun militia despite the several overtures at peace.

“Our incontrovertible findings from this painstaking inquest revealed powerful individuals with political leanings funding, training and arming the Jukun militia.”

“We herein particularly invite the relevant security agencies to immediately proceed with a thorough investigation of Governor Darius Ishaku and Gen. T. Y. Danjuma (retd) in the interest of peace and unity of the two ethnic groups.

“Their prime objectives aside ethnic dominance is to stir dissent against the government by raising the tempo of war to an inferno’s pitch, thereby fuelling national insecurity for political gains just to paint the President Muhammadu Buhari government in negative light.

“We believe that this government will spare no sacred cows in the quest for national peace and security.

“We strongly believe the Tivs and Jukuns can harmoniously live in peace as has been in the past if these political masterminds fuelling the war are isolated and dealt with”.


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