Cybersecurity conference holds in Lagos


Ngsecure 2016, an international Information Security Conference is billed to take place at Four Point Hotel, Lagos in July 2016.
With the increasing sophistication of criminal and terrorist acts, new and innovative surveillance and monitoring systems become imperative. Globally, next to terrorism, socio-economic wise, CyberSecurity challenges pose the next major threat to humanity. Nigeria is strategic to theCyberSecurity campaign, being the largest internet user in Africa.
Out of the estimated 3.5billion internet users in the world, Nigeria records 67,101,452 million in a population of more than 170million, which is about 37% internet penetration. Non-existing national policy on information security, guidelines on monitoring and censoring internet content etc., makes CyberSecurity a daunting task.
infoSecuritynigeria Conference (NgSecure) 2016 brings to table all security issues; to be highlighted, discussed and dissected by thoughtful leaders and professional players in the field of ICT, TELECOMMUNICATION, FINANCIAL SERVICES, CIVIL SERVICES, NATIONAL SECURITY, LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, JUDICIARY, and LEGISLATURE.
Security, Money Laundering, Data breeches, Electronic Fraud, Cyber laws and Compliance legislation, Social Network Media, National Identity and Privacy Issues intoday’s changing security landscape will be combed and solutions proffered.
Cyber threats, no doubt have evolved and increased exponentially, occurring on a more frequent basis and with greater sophistication than ever. Because Financial and almost all Institutions are now dependent on cyber technology for critical operations, they are ordinarily exposed to vulnerabilities that need to be anticipated and managed.
These are necessities that gave birth to DIFENSOREconsulting, organizers of NGSECURE conference 2016.
Discussants and attendees includes the Honorable minister of information, the Inspector General of Police,Solomon Arase, Prof. Femi Odekunle , member,Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption.Professor Olumide Longe,a cybersecurity expert and Fulbright scholar. The conference chair is Prof. PatUtomi,a political economist and co-founder of the Lagos Business school and a sizeable number of international Cyber Security experts to be announced later.


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