Custom evacuates 1870 smuggled bags of rice at sango-ota market, warns traders to avoid investing on illegitimate business


Ayobami Abdullahi

The Nigeria custom service has evacuated 1,870, (50kg kg size) smuggled bags of rice at sango-ota market in Ogun state and has also warned the traders to avoid investing in an illegitimate business transaction in an exclusive chat with Mr Jerry Attah, the public relation officer, Nigeria custom service, Federal Operation Unit,zone A, Ikeja Lagos state.

 He said “we got the information that unspecified amount number of rice were smuggled. Base on the information, we monitored where they are storing the smuggled rice, it was around 4:00am today that our operating system went to where the smuggled rice were stored and they evacuated the rice to our federal operation unit here in Ikeja with seven truck

. “It was a peaceful operation, the rice was smuggled from the neighboring country (Cotonou),our operating system didn’t went to break shop, they only went to evacuate the smuggled rice. We don’t want any casualties to be involved and we don’t want to loose any life that was why we went to the warehouse around 4am“.

 He added that there is an information they received that the traders whose rice were seized are protesting at the market, he thereby implores them to come forward to their office with a valid documents to claim their rice if truely they imported the rice legitimately and through the right channel.

 According to Attah, ” most of the rice being smuggled  through the land border  are expired but all because they want to make profit and for their own personal interest they will smuggled it to Nigeria. Most of those rice are conterminated which is not good for consumption.

We will never relient in ensuring that those smuggled materials are  not taken to market and to ensure that the economy diversification comes to reality.
“Government have said it that they don’t want rice to be import through land border because they want to encourage agricultural sector in Nigeria. Government want us to patronized our local product, for this can will also create employment opportunities for the people”.

 He added that Nigeria custom service future prospect is to ensure all revenue leakages are blocked, to  ensure smuggling is reduce to the bearest level and to enhance trade facilitation. He thereby implored Nigerians to invest their money in agricultural and all form of legitimate business and to also avoid engaging in an illegitimate business.


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