Crisis rocks multi-billion naira maritime security contract


Crisis rocking the Global West Vessel Specialist Nigeria Limited (GWVSNL) over ownership of the company has assumed another dimension as the children of Late Captain Romeo Itima,  the founder of the company has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to thoroughly investigate the finances of the company after the death of their father.

Recall that Late Capt. Itima established GWVSL, a privatized maritime security company in  2009 to combat piracy and other associated crimes plaguing Nigeria’s waterways

In the fashion of the duties of the United States Coast Guards to serve as a coast guard company, partnering Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) to police the Nigerian waterways.

However, on   August 7, 2012 Captain Itima died  when he went out on a routine patrol for a test run of the firm’s newly acquired boat at Escravos, Delta state.

But,  the children who alleged compromise over the death of their father urged EFCC  through Kevin Itima, one on the children at the viewing of a documentary tagged ‘Price of a dream’  in honour of the late Captain in Lagos recently to investigate financial impropriety against their uncle, Winifred Itima who has been running the company since the death of their father.

Kevin who said their father had a share of over 50 per cent before his death said their is possibility for the family to formally petition the EFCC to establish a criminal case against Winifred itima.

He said, “We call EFCC to investigate because as far as the ownership and the family are concerned, we didn’t authorize anyone to take that amount taken into their account. We believed MD is paid salary and allowances but if he wishes to be part of the ownership he should buy shares to join the ownership.

“All what he has done since our father died are expected to be done with the consent of the shareholder but if they are done without ownership of the shareholder then it is illegal and if the EFCC can take it up we are ready because we have enough evidence.

“At the moment, there is civil case but we can’t rule out the possibility of a criminal case. I don’t also think we can rule out the possibility of a fomal petitioning but at the moment what we have in court is a civil case.

“We are not ruling out a possibility of formally petitioning the EFCC Kevin who is an American trained filmmaker asked the government to hold his uncle responsible for any fraudulent activities that happened in the company after the death of his father because his father is an upright man who won’t compromise for anything.

”After my father’s death, I don’t know what direction my uncle took the company to because he (uncle)will not allow us hear the company or allow us to know what was going on.  If the FG says they committed fraud and they have evidence and they are found guilty, so be it”


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