Crazy fans motivate me


Who is Toby Grey?

Laughs) Toby Grey is a singer, a song writer, an entertainer and I will like to call myself an energetic bundle of talent. Yeah! Toby Grey is all that in five sentences or more. That is just a summary of who I am.

How did music start for Toby Grey?

How did music start? Well, I joined the school’s fellowship choir late in 2011 and I recorded my first song in early 2012 and ever since, it has been a roller coaster ride. It has been from one song to another you know, it has been a merry ride although there has been some challenges but at the same time, good. Yeah, I guess for me music started in 2011 but officially, in 2012.

How supportive have your parents been to your musical career?

They have been very supportive, I remember the first time I recorded my first song, before then, I told my mother I wanted to go into music but she felt then it was just a phase in my life; that phase in a child’s life where every child wants to be an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer and everything at once! So she felt it was that phase, until I went to the studio, recorded my first song before she took me seriously. Ever since then, both my parents have been hundred percent supportive of my career.

What is your academic background like?

I attended Royal College for my secondary school education, studied French at the University of Lagos, where I graduated with good grades. I am currently observing my mandatory one year national youth service.

How old is Toby Grey?

Toby Grey is 22 years old.

What inspires you when working on a song?

Well, basically it is the news around me that inspires me. Everything inspires me. Sometimes, it is my experiences or experiences of people around me. So, I tend to draw inspirations from everything sane around me or any circumstances.

How have you been able to stay off controversies?

I don’t really how. People ask me this a lot and I answer them the same way and that is; it just happens that I am not controversial in nature; I keep my head low always.

Talking about staying off controversies, you recorded a reply to Kiss Daniel’s “Woju”. What inspired you to do that?

It was a playful free-style my producer and I were in the studio and we just felt like doing something to ease the tension building up in the studio as at that time. The song (WOJU) just popped up and we said, let us just do a reply to this song. We did it, I listened to it, sent it out to my contacts on my blackberry messenger and that was how the song started going viral.

Have you ever met Kiss Daniels and what is your relationship with him like?

Well, I met him just once and that was even before I recorded “GBOJU” (the reply to woju) but ever since then, I have not met him, I mean I have not had any form of conversation with him.

You mean he has not called you to either comment or joke about the reply to his song?

No he has not; he does not have my phone contact.

If not music, what else would you have done?

Music or music! It is definitely going to be music or nothing else. (Laughs)

What record label are you signed unto and who is the CEO?

I am an independent artist;e I am not with any record label.

What projects are you involved in at the moment?

I just shot the musical video for my single entitled ‘you and I’ and it was produced by Puffy T and directed by Adisa Coker. Also, I have some songs I am working on, hoping to release them next year; maybe an album but I can’t give out much details right now. I am definitely working.

So when should your fans be expecting an album from you?

Hopefully in 2017

Are you just into the R n B genre of music or you are versatile?

I am a very versatile artiste but whatever I do, I try to be as expressive as possible. I call my music expressive because basically, music is all about expressions, no matter the genre. I don’t believe in the school of thought that believes you must be a strait jacket type of artiste.

How do you deal with ‘crazy’ fans?

(Laughs) I think it is nice to have ‘crazy’ fans because they inspire you to work harder. I remember when I preformed once at a pool party and out of the pools, a guy just jumped on to the stage I was performing on and started dancing! This guy just had his brief on. He was practically naked! That was one of the craziest fan I have ever met but it was fun.

What is your take on the entertainment industry in Nigeria?

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is booming! We are finally being taken seriously, not just in Africa but all over the world. The like of Wizkid, Davido, and Tiwa Savage have managed to place Nigeria music on the world stage. Even legends like Femi Kuti are doing Nigerian music proud. It is so amazing what we have achieved but I believe the sky is our starting point.

Are you working towards winning the grammy award?

To me, it is not really all about winning awards but the legacy my music creates and how people accept me. I am more engrossed in working hard to improve me and my music and if the Grammy comes coming, it will just be like an icing on the cake.


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