Controversy trails Customs e-auction portal


…43 emerge winners out of 282registered

By Oluyinka Onigbinde

Controversy has started trailing the Customs e-auction portal, as some Nigerians interested in anticipating in the Nigeria Customs  e-auction portal, to purchase seized vehicles are complaining of difficulty in accessing the platform.

 In a recent Vox Pop carried out by Nigerian NewsDirect, angry Nigerians complained that there were difficulties in registring for the  e- auction portal, and that the e-auction platform was just a means the custom was using to disguise and find a means to clear their name off  the mud, as they already know who they want to auction the vehicles to  irrespective of the e-auction portal.

According to one Michael Arimo a Civil Servant said “accessing the  e-auction portal of the Nigerian customs service for registration and  bidding was not successful as he has tried to register since the portal was launched at the beginning of this month by the Customs  Comptroller General,

“I wonder why it has been so difficult, if truly the e-auction portal  is for everybody to bid I believe it shouldn’t be this difficult. I was optimistic initially, after the portal was launched, but with the  way they are handling the so called portal, I won’t be surprised to  see that only the rich and some Customs officers will have access to  seized purchase some of the goods.”

A businessman Ndifreke Ojukwu said he was able to register but  accessing the e-wallet was difficult for him.

“I was able to register after several trials but have been having  difficulty in accessing the e-wallet, probably because I don’t bank  with Jaiz bank I will like to plead with the Nigerian Customs service to look into this and add other banks that have branches nationwide  instead of  monopolizing the portal to just a bank.”

Tunji Owoeye complained bitterly about the technical issues he faced  before he was able to register.

 Responding to the difficulties faced by interested bidders, the  Customs public relation officer, Mr. Joseph Attah said the service had  already resolved some of the hitches.

 According to him “yes there were difficulties on the first day, but we have been able to resolve the hiccups to enable more participation in the bidding,

“Every batch has 48 hours, the first 48 hours elapsed at noon on  Wednesday July 5, and the system completely locks out everybody, automatically sends mails to the winners.

“That is why some bidders won’t be able to bid until Monday July 10, when the system will open again for new set of bidders,’’ he said.”

When asked the total number of successful bidders he said “282 people  registered, 268 were enabled, 245 were able to generate e-wallet  assessment, and 68 were able to recharge their e-wallet while 43 people emerged winners.

 On designated banks, Attah said other banks will soon be on board as  soon as they rectify the interswitch issues. That for now, it was only  Jaiz bank that was on the platform

 He however appealed to potential bidders to be patient and make use of  the bank available on the platform for now until other banks are able  to come on board.


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