Conductor, passenger slug it out inside Lagos canal


This video of a bus conductor and a passenger fighting it out inside a Lagos canal has broken the Internet.

It was a strange sight when a commercial bus conductor and a passenger engaged themselves a nasty physical combat that landed them in a canal in Lagos State.

According to onlookers, the passenger was angry that the conductor refused to give him his correct balance (change) after paying him but the conductor, on the other hand, insisted that he had given the passenger his complete money.

The argument which began inside the Danfo bus got feisty when the vehicle got to its destination and the passenger insisted on getting his money and held on to the conductor as he made to jump on the moving bus.

The action of the passenger was said to have angered the conductor and a fight ensued landing them inside the canal while all entreaties by other passengers and passersby for them to make peace were abortive.

It only took the arrival of a team of security officials to the scene before the combatants could be separated and taken away by the police.


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