Chieftaincy stool: Female trader cries out over safety of son, grandchildren


By Damilola Bello

A female trader in Lagos state has charged on security operatives help his son and his immediate families from imminent dangers as traditionalists continue to threaten them over her son’s refusal to ascend a chieftaincy stool in his village

The woman, Mrs. Oluyemisi Adeyemi made the call while speaking with newsmen, explaining that her son Adekunle Adeyemi and his family have continued to live in palpable fear and anxiety over the safety of their lives in the hands of some people suspected to be traditionalists from Omojoda (Odo Ayan) village in Lagos.

Mrs. Adeyemi, a resident of Bariga, Lagos explained that the travail of her son, a computer engineer and Pastor of a Pentecostal church in Lagos, started in 2010 after he was asked to accept the chieftaincy stool of Omojoda (Odo Ayan) Village in Lagos state following the unrest in the village since the man heading the community occupied the position in 2002.

“When traditionalists in the village consulted their oracles, it was learnt that the bad development in the town was because the current Chief in the village was wrongfully installed; hence the search for my son Adekunle who they believed would bring peace to the village “she added”.

Mrs. Adeyemi said further “My son rejected the offer because of his Christian faith that goes against anything that has to do tradition and the fact that his late father Lawrence Adeyemi had, before his demise in 1989 cautioned his children against the occupation of the chieftaincy stool of Omojoda because of the controversies that trailed the stool in the past, even as he warned of serious consequences against any erring child.

Mrs. Adeyemi noted that her son and his family had gone through series of agonizing experiences, as the search for them by the traditionalist continued.

She explained that on several occasions her son was rushed to various hospitals as a result of is health challenge which was faced to fear, adding that suspected traditionalists  from Omojoda village were always visiting Adekunle’s residence, to tell him to return home to enable him accept the chieftaincy title, when he was far away in India for medical attention.

“The level of threat to the lives of Adekunle, my son and members of his family and futile attempt by the suspected traditionalists to kidnap his wife and only daughter in 2018, forced them to relocate from their last residence in Ogun State to an unknown place. My worry is that despite their relocation, strange faces, and movements, continued to be noticeable at their former residence, heightening my fear that some people are still after them”.

She added that recently, she received anonymous telephone calls from people suspected to be kinsmen from Omojoda Village, who during their discussions with her, vowed to deal with her son, should he refuse to accept the chieftaincy title they offered him.

“I’m appealing to security outfits in the country to come to my son’s aid by warning those who are after his life, to please leave her son alone, as he could not accept the offer given him by his Kinsmen’ she said”.


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