Center for Cyber Awareness, Development to x-ray current trends in entrepreneurship, other sectors


By Bukola Olanrewaju

The Center for Cyber Awareness and Development (CECAD) has disclosed plans to speak on current trends in entrepreneurship, healthcare, politics, businesses, agriculture, social and family lives with regards to how well they have fared in the knowledge economy using technology.

The organization is expected to host Nigeria Women Digital Agenda Summit and Awards in Lagos with a theme “harnessing the opportunities of the digital age”

The summit and awards event will also provide the opportunity to better understand the position of women in the economy and society that is being transformed by digital technologies while proffering solutions to some of the factors limiting women from maximizing the opportunities in this new age.

According to the Executive Director of CECAD, Dr. Bayero Agabi, the 21st century is a period of tremendous information explosion, where science, technology and innovation are no longer treated as stand-alone but have become integral parts of human existence transforming lives and businesses.

Agabi added that with women at the center of homes, businesses and many corporations.

Agabi added that women all over world are faced with challenges even in the face of tremendous opportunities offered by technology, he listed the following as part of the issues to be addressed at the summit digital gender divide, the systematic under- representation in top executive positions, discrimination in employment especially in science and technology related fields.

He cited a UN statistics stating that “women worldwide are 20per cent less likely to hold a senior leadership position in the mobile communication industry, they make only eight per cent of the investing partners at the top 100 venture capital (VC) firms and only 17per cent of the scientists earning more than $105,000 (in 2015)” .

The event which is first in Nigeria is designed to highlight the huge opportunities available to women in the 21st century, accelerate progress and identify Nigerian women across board that have been able to maximize the tremendous opportunities offered by the digital age to better their communities, career and the country at large.

The event will bring together 700+ women and girls from different walks of life to share strategies and map out the future of the Nigerian woman in a digital age.

In addition, Opeke posited that indigenous hosting of content and cluster ecosystem should be encouraged.

The requirements for the delivery of high quality broadband coverage for everyone according to Opeke includes infrastructure with access for all, harmonised taxes and RoW coupled with the conclusion of Infraco licenses for all regions.

“Broadband infrastructure investment is a long term investment”, she stated


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