Cambodia’s Disbanded Opposition Party Challenges Ban


Senior members of Cambodia’s former main opposition party have filed a Supreme Court complaint against the decision to dissolve it, local media reported on Monday.

“The complaint filed on Friday requested the court to re-open the case against the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) and allow its leaders to submit evidence,’’ it reported.

The senior members of the opposition that filed the complaint included ex-Deputy President Pol Ham, Chief Whip, Son Chhay among others.

“We are not satisfied with the verdict of the Supreme Court and we are filing a complaint to demand the Supreme Court re-open the hearing.’’ they stated.

The complaint centres on the court’s decision to ban former members from politics.

The Supreme Court ruled to disband the CNRP on Nov. 16, siding with the Ministry of Interior’s accusation that the CNRP was “conspiring” to carry out a “colour revolution.”

The “colour revolution” was said to have aimed at toppling the government with the help of the U.S.

Chin Malin, the spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, said the appeal attempt was futile, calling the court’s verdict “irrefutable.”

The Supreme Court is the country’s highest legal body so its decisions cannot be appealed.

However, former CNRP party members were not available for comment.


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