Buhari’s two years, a harvest of hardship, poverty – FOHURAC


A group, the Foundation for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade, FOHURAC, has described the two years of democratic journey of the APC led-government of President Muhammadu Buhari as “a harvest of hardship, poverty and economic strangulation”.

A statement ​on Democracy Day ​by Alaowei Cleric, its National President, ​said the two eventful but fruitless years in governance by the present Government had no policy direction, thereby “reducing the economically bastardised Nigerians to a beaming end.”

​It reads further: “​Indeed, Nigeria under the APC Government is in the abyss of doldrum.​ ​What the Government has succeeded in achieving in the past two years is to feed the beleaguered Nigerians on a daily basis with its satirical lies manufactured from the Kingdom of hell.

​”​Everyday the Government in a bid to launder it’s bartered image, entertained the pauperised Nigerians with its pernicious lies thereby reducing governance to a comedy night.

​”​No part of the Country in the past two years of the Government’s reign is feeling the democratic dividends. Even the Buhari’s sycophantic praise-singers merely chorused their songs of praises for penance and not for pleasure.

​”​The odium of anger being poured on the Government by Nigerians on a daily basis is an indication that the self-inflicted ailing and recessed economy has gone into phut in the hands of Buhari.

​”​The sufferings in the land are as a result of the Government’s ossification to the new trend of policy formulation which goes with the changes of time.”‎

​FOHURAC, while commending​ the ​a​nti-​c​orruption war, ​which it observed​ has set up a standard for fighting corruption in the country​, lamented that it was not still encompassing​ but​ selective.

​”​Those loyal to the Government or its party faithfuls are being shielded, while opposition elements are being hunted with a determined vigour. Such cannot be said of war against corruption but a war of aggression against perceived enemies.

​”​In all, the Buhari score card in the past two years is zero. Nigerians have nothing to celebrate democracy under Buhari’s Government as the masses are battling with the high rates of poverty occasioned by the astronomical rise in the inflationary rates​”, the group added.


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