Buhari will deliver on his campaign promises – Hon Awoniyi


Hon. Omosanya Awoniyi is the Chairman Transition Commitee, Sagamu local government. In this  interview with Monsuru Adeyemi, speaks on his political career, Ogun at 40 and other issues. Excerpts.

When did you assume this position?

I assumed this position August, 2015 after the expiration of tenure of immediate past chairman of this local government, Hon. Funmilola Akinyebo Efuwape. I was the deputy to her.


What have you done since then, in terms of project execution?

We have lots of projects to execute and we are working on a number of them. But then, don’t forget that we have state projects executed and inaugurated in Sagamu by the state governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun. I mean the fly-over bridge, RSS to Kara axis of Sagamu-Ikorodu road and the new Makun estate along Lagos-Ibadan road. We really appreciate the governor for these and other laudable projects commissioned during the 40th anniversary celebration of our dear state. But this does not in anyway stop us from executing projects In this local government.


Sabo house the major market in this local government and the road to the market is always  blocked by traders who sell on the road. What are doing to check this trend?

Actually, this is one of our major concerns. You see those selling on the road to the market  have always failed to heed warnings of past administrations in sagamu. Majority of those guilty of this act in the real sense have stores inside the market. But the mentality that I want to make huge sales prompt them to commit this act. What they have failed to realise is that in case of accident or emmergency along the road, they are most vulnerable. But we will not support them in killing themselves. we have embarked on serious action aimed at ensuring strict compliance to laid down rules and regulation. Infact, on my way to the office this morning, I branched there to see situation of things.


The market lacks toilet facilities. Are you aware of this?

No! Though, the toilet they have there at the time is not the modern one. We are working round the clock to ensure we provide the market with modern toilet.

The issue of double ticketing is well pronounced in the market?

I am not aware of the issue of double ticketing. We have introduced our staff to all traders in the market and they know where to pay thier daily dues to. Though this might be going on but it has never come to my notice.


How are you relating with members representing Sagamu in the state house of assembly, so that it will be easy for you to achieve great things from the state government?

Our relationship has been cordial and it will remain so. Hon. olayinka Mafe, who is the majority leader in the house currently, was my colleague in the local government chamber in 1999. Then he represented ward 3, while I represented ward 10 and i happen to be the speaker of the house. But today, he is most superior to me, but we still maintain our  friendhip. Hon. Oscar, on the other hand is from opposition party, but that does not affect our relationship. In fact, the wrist watch I’m using at present was given to me by Oscar. So, we are always in accord.


What  is your opinioin on recent economic realities in the country?

You see, President Buhari is a not the maker of the current state of the country, what we are seeing at present was what had been done before he came to power. But be it as it may, I strongly believe that Mr.  President is on top of the situation and we will all sing a new song very soon.


President Buhari seems to concentrate on war against corruption, whereas, there are challenges ravaging the country. What do you think about this?

President Buhari will deliver on all his campaign promises. It is a known fact that corruption is one of the major problems affecting the nation’s economy. Corruption has eaten deep into our hearts and flesh and for us to have a desired change we crave for, there must be change of attitude and that is what mr. president is doing now.


Your advice to Nigerians?

My advice to fellow Nigerians is to continue to pray for the country and support the present  administration in the country. Rather than rain abuses on the President, we should think  about what we can do individually to better the country. We should not think of what the country can offer us alone, as this will hinder development of our dear country.



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