Buhari: Why Nigerians should sympathise with Wike, Fayose – APC


Rivers State ​c​hapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) ​has ​described the home coming of President Muhammadu Buhari from London as not only divine but a reward to Nigerians for​ their prayers.

​APC alleged how Governors Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State and ​others promoted ​”​hate speech​​ against an innocent man whose only sin was that he wants to retrieve all the public funds those in PDP looted with impunity​”​.

Rivers APC in a statement signed by its​ ​Chairman, Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, ​said the governors actually needed prayers and for that, Nigerians should sympathise with them.

“We sincerely thank God for proven himself as the God of the just by saving the life of our dear President contrary to the prayers and wishes of these misguided politicians who decided to play ‘god’ in the politics of our country​”, the statement said.​

​”​We hope that they will seek for forgiveness from God and apologise to Nigerians for their unholy acts. Our sympathy mainly goes to Gov Wike who has to rush to Abuja to plead to be allowed to be among the delegates that welcomed the President​.​

​”​With the home coming of President Buhari all those who thought that hewill not come back so that their looted funds will be kept safe or swept under the carpet will now have a rethink because one way or the other the Government will ensure that all the looted funds which is the main reason behind the unwarranted tension and agitations across the country will be retrieved.

​”​Now that the President is back hale and hearty, we expect Wike, Fayose, Kayode and the “Our Mumu Don Do” movement to turn the focus of their campaign for Mrs Deziani and all the PDP chieftains that looted our common patrimony with impunity to return our money so that we can reinvest such funds into our economy and provide employment for our teeming unemployed graduates.

“​This group can as well embark upon a campaign against governors who run their states without budgets, spend public resources sponsoring​ ​their cohorts to watch football matches in Europe, those states that have not conducted LGA elections and that stole bailout funds and​​refused to pay our hapless Civil servants their salaries and ​​pensioners their pensions.

​”​They should start campaign against​ Governors that have turned their States to States of blood without any regard or respect to the sanctity of human life. Once, this group can kick-start these campaigns we can take them as a serious group,​”​ the party added.


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