Buhari should be fair to all Nigerians irrespective of ethnic, party affiliations — Prince Adeyeri


Prince Mufutau Adeyeri is an APC chieftain and the Chief Executive Officer of Good Crown Pharmacy, Iperu Remo. In this interview with BANKOLE TAIWO, the Obafemi Awolowo University trained Pharmacist turned politician bareds his mind on the myriad of issues affecting our national life with a call on President Buhari to show more fairness in his dealings with Nigerians among others.

As an entrepreneur in pharmaceuticals,                what do you make of the news that the country is out of recession?

This just confirmed that the government is not sleeping over the challenges facing us as a country as some people would want us to believe with some of their irrational criticisms. Just like the President had said that  he would only be excited if this news translated to more jobs and food on the table of Nigerians, I am also of the opinion that we are not yet out of the woods but this government has demonstrated that it has the capability and the commitment to make the country great again. This goes to show that the diversification program of the government especially in the area of agriculture and solid minerals among others are beginning to yield results. I know that President Buhari meant well for Nigerians and we have only got to be more patient with him. The ruins created by the 16 years government of PDP cannot be addressed within just two and half years in power, so let’s be patient with him.

The Federal Executive Council weekly meeting was cancelled again and this is believed to be as a result of the President’s ill health. Don’t you believe that it’s about time the President resigned just like many had suggested?

Nigeria is full of many mischief makers if not they will not be linking the fact that one meeting was cancelled to the health status of the President. The government had already stated that the meeting was cancelled due to the long Sallah holiday which did not allow government officials to prepare some memos to be worked upon at the meeting. That the President is sick is not unusual as anybody could be sick, so, rather than calling for his resignation, we should join hands in praying for him that his health would be fully restored and continue with his good work. Just last week, the President signed a very potent weapon and agreement with which the government will further use to fight corruption and repatriation of our wealth stashed in some foreign countries like United Arab Emirate. My brother, this government  meant well and should be given all the support to succeed.

How do you assess the anti-corruption fight of this government which many have said to be lopsided and more of persecution against members of opposition party?

This government has really demonstrated a very strong commitment to fight against corruption and this has led to recovery of several billions of naira just like we saw in the case involving Dizeani, former Petroleum Minister and others but definitely, this is not without some shortcomings and this is simply because the President is not all knowing. For instance, this issue of the suspended Secretary to the Federal government, Babachir has been left to gather dust for too long making people think that the President is shielding his party members from his onslaught on corrupt officials and this is where the people must come in and put pressure on the government to do it right. Sincerely, I am very close to the grassroots and the feedback is that this government is doing what the people expected but there is certainly  room for improvement. It’s a matter of time before we begin to reap the benefits of this government.

What is your take on the performance of the ruling party in Ogun State?

It’s a bag of mix feelings for me because though, the government has done brilliantly well in the area of security and infrastructure, especially the road projects  even though they are concentrated in the governor’s Senatorial district but I give him kudos for the quality of job done and the one he managed to give us in Remo land, the dualised  Akarigbo road. However, my misgiving about the governor is that he has not allowed other branches of the government to function and the worst hit is our local governments. The local governments are comatose and there can never be any serious development if it is not being encouraged from the grassroots. This is why I am rooting for the autonomy of the local governments. The local governments as they are now are occupied by stooges and under this arrangement the people cannot get the best. One of the reasons I learnt I was denied the party’s chairmanship ticket when I contested some years back was due to my honesty posture. I had told them of how I intended to serve the people with all my heart but the noise all about had been about a chairman that would not allow them to chop o, but we need honest people to turn things around. The LCDAs the governor created are another sorry case because there is just nothing on ground to justify their creation.

But since you lost the Chairmanship ambition, you seem to have taken the back seat in party politics

Yes, I am still a member of APC but have not been too active because the government of the day in the State is not ready to accommodate radicals like me but it’s just too late for me to change, I will forever like Chief Femi Falana, Agbakoba, Late Gani Fawehinmi and the Nobel Laurel, Prof. Wole Soyinka remain committed to pursuing the truth. I still hope to present myself to serve my people in Ikenne local government when the electioneering begins.

What is your thought on Yewa Agenda as 2019 Ogun governorship hots up?

I am an apostle of meritocracy but since politics is about give and take I will also ask that Ogun West Senatorial district be allowed to produce the next governor of the State since Ogun east and Central had at one time or another managed the affairs of the state. The Yewa people must however put forward their best and remain united to achieve this ambition.

What is that one advice that you have for the President?

He should be fair to all irrespective of party affiliation, kith or kin and should be more assertive than ever before. He really must show that he is indeed for nobody but for everybody.

How do you hope the war against fake drugs could be won in the country?

The business of drug should be strictly left for the trained and certified Pharmacists. All these patient medicines and anybody believing that they can sell drugs should be highly be discouraged by the government. This is because they don’t possess pharmacological knowledge with which a trained pharmacist can even use to detect some fake drugs by mere looking at the product. The government also need to demonstrate strong commitment and courage to deal with this menace just as we had under Late Dora Akunyuli, a seasoned pharmacist of repute. The war has no doubt lost steam with the appointment of a Medical Doctor as the head of NAFDAC after the exit of Akunyuli and even now that we have a Pharmacist, he’s been in acting capacity and we all certainly know that you can’t really give your best in such situation. So, the government should address all these inadequacies.


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