Buhari does not deserve another term – Solarin


Prince Sunday Solarin one – time PDP Chairman of Ikenne local government is currently the Secretary General of Ladi Adebutu Democratic Organisation. In this interview with BANKOLE TAIWO, Prince Sunday Solarin who also doubles as the Coordinator of Opomulero, a socio-economic and political movement is set to helping PDP to return to power in Ogun State in 2019 shares his thought on readiness of PDP to dislodge APC at the poll next year as well as his desire to represent Ikenne constituency at Ogun State House of Assembly. Excerpts

Your party has been on tour of local governments across the State for some time now, how will you describe the experience?

The tour has been quite encouraging and very interesting with people trooping out to identify with what our party, PDP stands for. The tour is of course to further cement our bond with the people and be of help in any way that could make life more bearable and reduce the suffering the APC government had plunged them into. Honourable Ladipupo Adebutu being who he is, a benevolent servant leader has always been assisting especially in the area of giving transformers to communities in these local governments and as I am speaking, we have giving out over 50 transformers within the space of three years that Hon. Adebutu has assumed office. He also ensures that the party secretariat of the local governments we have visited are well furnished with fully subscribed DSTV just for  entertaining people. You know that majorly, these familiarisation tours are for consultation and our people have always been bold to ask for help, that they are tired of the protracted suffering the APC government has caused and can’t wait till next year election to send them packing with their votes. And our people are not far from the truth because there are so many communities that have received nothing from this government. For instance, what will Gov. Amosun say it has done for my town in the last seven years of his government, Ogere, it is so bad that many of their party members are always ashamed anytime we are talking…..

(cuts in)…But the governor at a recent State function boasted that his party would at least rule for another 16 years after he leaves next year May, 2019, what is your reaction to this?

There is freedom of expression and so the governor is entitled to his opinion even if it is nothing but pure delusion. There was a time we were of this opinion but truly we know better now. This just goes to confirm that the governor has lost touch with the reality. This is a government that has turn almost everybody to paupers. For instance, if your income was N40,000 before this government came to power, you need N100,000 right now to be able to cater for the needs and responsibilities with which you were doing with 40,000 and where is that money? Many people are out of jobs. People’s purchasing power had been greatly eroded, people are really crying and very angry. It is like the governor is taking our people for a ride, any way, the judgement day will soon be here when our people will use their voter cards to send away this government and its ineptitude. The basic needs of man is food, clothing and shelter but when the government would rather abandon this for needless bridges all over the place, then it is misplaced priority that serves the people no good. Just recently, the billionaire Microsoft owner, Bill Gates scolded federal government for not investing in people but rather in infrastructure because it is the people that will make use of this infrastructure. For instance,rather than seeing what can be done to upgrade the existing secondary schools in the State, the governor in sheer waste of our common wealth embarked on model schools that are now homes to reptiles and rats. Whatever sense is here remains a puzzle and as I have said earlier, Ogun people have resolved to use their votes to make all this history in 2019.


How ready is Ogun PDP for the challenge of 2019 with bickering here and there?

PDP is becoming stronger day by day,yes we have had our challenges but with the coming on board of our National Chairman, Chief Uche Secondus, sanity is returning to the party and the peace from the top is trickling down. We are now mobilising than ever before and because APC government now knows that we are getting stronger, they started releasing list of looters from our party just to distract the people from their ineptitude and cluelessnes. When PDP took over power in 1999, we were never complaining of the past, we hit the ground running, building schools,universities, stadia, and even launched three satelites that have now make communication so cheap, now we have the mobile phones, the reforms in the banking sector, the list is endless but APC would rather keep on saying PDP looted the country dry, what a tragedy,  meanwhile,this is a party that has nothing to show for the past three years in government. One wonders why the list does not contain names of Timpreye Sylva, Sen. Obanikoro, among others that this government had allegged in the past were corrupt but because they are now members of APC, they have become saints…this hypocrisy can only be for a while..


Any update on Hon Ladi Adebutu’s governorship ambition?

Yes, Hon. Ladi Adebutu’s governorship ambition is a mass movement which people of the State have taken over as their project. It is an altruistic movement being driven by the sole desire to liberate our people from poverty, joblessness, and unwarranted oppression subjected to by the APC government. We are happy with the support we get everyday and we have that assurance that the next occupant of Oke Mosan is no other person than Hon. Ladipupo Adebutu by the grace of God.


The President just declared his intention for second term, is this unsettling your party?

How can this unsettle us when we are now the beautiful bride. Nigerians know they fared much better under PDP and will therefore not waste their time to vote for PDP when the time comes. One would have expected the President to tie his declaration to his achievements but alas it was a declaration that came with nothing. I had expected the President to say because we have been able to do so, so, and so, I deserve another term.This is a man who told us not long ago that he would have performed but for old age and now that he is becoming older, 76 years next year, he is still seeking another term, this is just too bad for us and I have that assurance that the President is being pushed by some forces who never meant well for him. It is only a good term that is said to deserve another term, but what is that thing good about this Buhari’s administration?  The level of insecurity with the herdsmen killing Nigerians on daily is outrageous, this is a government paying huge amount amount of money that was never appropriated for in the budget as petroleum subsidy, yet we are still buying petrol at cut throat price…Buhari does not deserve another term whichever way you want to look at it


It’s like you are preparing to run again for Ogun State House of Assembly, how true is this?

Yes, you may be right although, I am yet to brief my leaders but that would have been done before the publication of this interview, that is however not to say that I have not felt the pulse of my people as far as my aspiration to represent Ikenne local government constituency at Ogun State House of Assembly is concerned. Perhaps,the question is why am I getting involved? As a widely travelled person, what I see outside the country usually makes me weep and conclude that my people are shortchanged back at home. I am getting involved to change this narratives and ensure that my people enjoy best of governance. My ambition is strictly to facilitate the basic needs of life such as food, clothing, shelter , qualitative healthcare services and qualitative education for my people.  You can see our boys taking to okada riding due to lack of employment while some are into yahoo yahoo,internet scam, many homes are broken because the husband has lost his financial power. All these, I hope to use my ambition to address in collaboration with the executive arm of the government. What is good there when the children of your neighbour could not go to school because they are poor ? God is so mighty that he had buried many great treasures of the world where you will not ordinarily ever expect. I have over the years discovered that God usually deposits great tresures in the children of the poor. Many brilliant children while we were in schools were from poor homes, that is why we can not afford to leave anybody behind.


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