Boko Haram’s renewed effrontery


Four years ago, exactly April 14, 2014 the much-dreaded terrorist sect, Boko Haram pounced on Girls’ High school, Chibok, Borno State and carted away into captivity about 250 girls of the school.

After much efforts, the Federal Government was able to rescue a motley number of the girls. Some advocacy groups among which is the now famous Bring Back our Girls (BBOG) led by the indefatigable former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili mounted pressure on the Federal Government to get the girls out of captivity. The rest is now history.

When Nigerians especially parents are yet to get out of the abduction trauma, the dare-devil sect again last week struck at another girls’ secondary school in Dapchi, Yobe State, took away no fewer than 110 students in a Gestapo manner.

The Federal Government in its usual characteristic manner of not knowing what and what to do during emergencies went on spewing out meaningless tirades. Its spokesman, Lai Mohammed for the better part of last week said the actual number of the abducted girls had not been ascertained. Conflicting figures were bandied by the Federal Government, parents and the school authorities. At the end of the day 110 was the number arrived at.

This time around, the sect had become more daring, unfeeling and insensitive in their despicable exploits. There are some questions which demand answers: Where were the school’s authorities when the hoodlums struck? It is on record that the school authorities were intimated on the attack about a week to the day of the attack and nothing was done to preempt it. The Federal Government security agencies, the army and the police were trading blames each trying to exculpate itself on who was on duty on the day of the attack.

The Army on its part said it handed over security to the Police before the day of the attack while the Police blatantly denied the Army’s claim. Hmn, the security of lives and property had become a bone of contention on who controls who, thus toying with the lives and property of the citizens. These are not the best of times.

About a year ago, the Federal Government regaled Nigerians about its successful routing completely the Boko Haram from the wilderness called Sambisa Forest in Borno State. The claim had since been found out to be a ruse, a hoax to hoodwink gullible Nigerians as no such thing happened. Ever since, the sect had been more emboldened in their murderous escapades. We have lost count of the number of suicide bombings in markets, motor parks even churches and mosques in recent times.

We have come to the realization that what our security agencies lack is intelligence gathering which is a vital component in fighting terrorism and other vices. Our security agencies should always be proactive in dealing with crime and criminality. A situation where, after the crime had been committed, the army or the police will be running helter skelter with their rifles, guns and armoured vehicles instilling fear in the citizens will no more be tolerated. The Federal Government should henceforth stop making speeches from the grapevine, such as we are on top of the situation or oh the Boko Haram has been majorly decimated, Shekau has been mortally wounded. Nigerians don’t need such inanities but concrete actions taken on volatile issues.

President Buhari some days ago constituted an unwieldly committee comprising among others the Chief of Army Staff, chief of Air Staff, the Chief of Staff to the President to look into the issue of abducted school girls of Dapchi and come out with workable solutions. We fervently hope that the findings of the committee will not end up in the trash can of history like its predecessors.

Nigerians are visibly tired of the incessant trauma unleashed on them by this dare-devil elements called Boko Haram. President Buhari should henceforth wake up from his prolonged slumber and act decisively before Boko Haram takes over the government from him.




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