Boko Haram: Six CJTF, 1 bomber died in Ngala attack


Boko Haram: Six CJTF, 1 bomber died in Ngala attackUpdates from the attack of last Friday by suspected members of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, left no fewer than six members of the local vigilante called civilian joint task force, CJTF dead, while one of the suspected bombers also died in the explosion.

This was confirmed on Monday, by members of the civil society organisation and officials of some international non-governmental organisations, who visited the area.

“Seven people were killed and several injured in the attack. Boko Haram came in two pickup trucks and fired an RPG into the camp from behind the rear fence. The explosion was followed by suicide bomber, who attacked the International School Camp through the back axis of Wulgo/Zannari wall, unfortunately killed 6 CJTFs on duty plus the bomber,” an official Ibrahim Ado said.

According to him, it took the swift intervention of the military to repel the attackers, otherwise the situation would have been more’ bloody.”

” The injured were evacuated at the weekend with the dead to Maiduguri. For now, normalcy has return to the camp, but we have called for more security presence in the camp,” he said.



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