Blackberry returns, launches K2 LE into Nigerian market


Story by Bukola Olanrewaju

The reborn icon, Blackberry has made a come back to the Nigerian smartphone market with its latest Android version of Blackberry smartphone K2 LE.

The official launch of the new Blackberry smartphone powered by Android was held in Lagos on recently.

According to the organization, the new blackberry smartphone brings together iconic Blackberry features with new experience that include dual-SIM, dual-rear camera, more intelligent keyboard, extended battery life, improved privacy controls.

Running the latest Android 8.1 Oreo operating system, the Blackberry KEY2 LE provides access to millions of apps in the Google Play™ store and built-in Android experiences like Google™ Assistant and GoogleLens™.

Blackberry Key2 LE features a lightweight polycarbonate design and a newly designed soft textured back covered that provides great feeling in hand and less likely to drop.

The latest BlackBerry KEY2 LE comes in three exclusive colors: slate, champagne, and atomic. Blackberry Key2 LE will be available starting on November 26, 2018,”’’

In addition, the manager at Ngilex Mobile Company (the firm that sponsors Blackberry Mobile Nigeria), Thomas Larson said of the new product that: “Although there are many smartphone options available in Nigeria, the Blackberry Key2 LE experience is different combining the best of professional and personal use, and the price cannot be matched.

‘The launch of the Key2 marks a new beginning, a new entrant to refocus the smartphone market on the needs of Nigerian smartphone users. We no longer divide our lives along clean lines of professional and personal – the Key2 is the first phone on the market to address this simple fact.

“For old users of Blackberry, this launch marks a welcome home, a return to the features that made Blackberry great including the keyboard, best in class security and best in class productivity features.

“For new users, savvy consumers and creative’s, blend the line between business and design, entertainment and function. “We have updated the experience to include the largest marketplace of applications, the most widely used operating system, and numerous characteristics which are the direct result of listening to the market: dual cameras for portrait mode, in-country servicing warranty, after sales support, dual sim for multiple phones, dual access for social accounts, and long battery life.

We are able to provide these market leading product features at an affordable rate, significantly less than the competition. All our phones come with standard one-year warranty provided by McDorsey Services Company Limited”, Larson noted.

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE features a private Locker that can only be accessed with the user’s fingerprint or password, helping store and protect sensitive user data and content, and includes a Private Browser that auto-deletes browsing history upon exit.

Furthermore, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE is the first BlackBerry with dual account management built in to enable users to separately manage both personal and professional social media profiles on apps like Facebook®, and Instagram™.

“This allows for easier management and sharing of separate accounts on one device while enhancing user privacy. All Blackberry devices we bring into Nigeria are dual sim enable and will support dual WhatsApp® and other apps that require unique numbers”, Abiodun pointed out.



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