Birdflu epidemic: Abuja residents shun chicken consumption


By Temitope

The outbreak of Birdflu epidemic in Abuja and neighbouring states has scares chicken consumers and poultry farmers.

According to Nigerian NewsDirect investigation, poultry owners are lamenting serious losses while restaurants are

A poultry farmer at Katampe, Mr. Adamu, told Nigerian NewsDirect that the outbreak of the disease has cost him a lot.

He said, “Since the outbreak, I have lost more than 1,000 birds. Government needs to help poultry farmers in the eradication of this disease because it has not been easy for farmer,

“The loss is discouraging farmers because egg production has reduced. I usually have this problem during harmattan period and I know that it is bird flu

When he was asked for preventive measure, he said, “I have a doctor who comes to give them injection and also add to their water. He suddenly stop coming.”

A bar woman complained that whenever she buys chicken to roast, customers do ask if it’s not dead chicken.

Also, a Suya seller said chicken is sold to them at a costly rate and consumers have opted for turkey.

The first time the epidemic hit Nigeria was in 2006, which lasted for 2  years, and was eradicated totally from the country, we never had it again until January 2015 when it was reported in live bird market in Lagos and some farms in Kano, Kaduna, Yobe, Niger, Rivers.

Between then and now, the disease persistence in the country has made Nigerian’s to be careful in buying frozen chicken, roasted chicken including the live chicken.

Federal government had adopted new measures to tackle Bird Flu as H5N8 found the National Consultative Meeting on Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

Only one outbreak of H5N8 has been reported by Nigeria to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) at present, and that was in a small flock of 250 birds in Kano state. Officials met to review past experiences and arrive at agreeable and implementable preventive measures against bird flu.


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