Biafra: We won’t allow Nnamdi Kanu create problems for future Nigerians – Adeyanju


The Convener, Concerned Nigerians, Prince Deji Adeyanju has urged Nigerians not to allow the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and his followers to create problems for the future Nigerian children.

Adeyanju, a former Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Director of New Media, made the remark while berating the IPOB leader for saying “anyone against Biafra will not be alive.”

Kanu, who made the declaration while addressing IPOB followers at his father’s compound recently had also urged Igbos to boycott any elections in the South East until a referendum was called.

The IPOB leader had said, “We are starting with Anambra come November this year. There will be no governorship election in Anambra State. In 2019, the whole of Biafra land will not vote for any President.

“There will be no Senator, there will be no House of Reps, there will be no House of Assembly and there will be no councillorship elections in Biafra land if they (federal government) fail to call for a referendum.”

Reacting to Kanu’s declaration, Adeyanju said he did not have an iota of respect for Kanu and that he must not be allowed to create problem for future Nigerian children, just like former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, Ex-Head of state, General Yakubu Gowon and the Ex-warlord, Gen. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu did.

In a series of tweets, the former PDP Director said he won’t continue to watch Kanu insult other tribes and their religion but will speak up to condemn any such insult, even those targeted at the Igbos.

He wrote: “Can you imagine this boy. Inasmuch as I am in support of self-actualization, I don’t have an iota of respect for Nnamdi Kanu. The guy is just a whimp! I can’t continue to watch Kanu & his followers insult other people’s tribes & religion. If anyone insults the Igbos I will condemn him too.

“The generation of Obj, Gowon & Ojukwu created problems for us. These are inherited problems. We won’t watch Nnamdi Kanu do same to our children.

“Those who divided Nigeria along ethnic lines in the past are wrong and they got us in this mess. Those who also do same today are wrong.”

Adeyanju also threw his weight behind the call for the restructuring of Nigeria, especially to give an Igbo man a chance to become President.

He stressed that equity in Nigeria will only start when an Igbo man emerges President of the country.

“I have always supported Igbo Presidency & will always continue to. I can never understand a situation where the Igbo man can’t be president.

“Our generation must solve all the marginalization the Igbos have experienced in Nigeria after the Biafra war. I support Igbo Presidency

“Equity starts from an Igbo man becoming president. Then the rest will follow. Then restructuring, etc,” he wrote.


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