Between the Nigerian worker, minimum wage and N5.5 billion senators car budget


The bible says pay the worker his wage before he sweats dry. This is literally saying that a worker should be paid as at when due. The lingering issue on minimum wage between the Nigerian labour congress and the ministry of labour still remain very ambiguous for many objective Nigerians to understand that a country that can not afford to pay its civil servant N30,000.00 minimum wage monthly can afford to approve N5.5 billion for official cars for a fraction of a microscopic few in a population of over 200 million people who are poorly educated and mostly unemployed.

The recent pace of kidnapping and banditry even though highly condemnable  may not be too far fetched from aggrieved persons in a country that tend to favour only a few selected just because they claim to be politically relevant .

The way the minimum wage is being treated by the ministry of labour , the executive and the legislative speak volumes to how we reason, treat and respect people and what value we attach to patriotism and fellow Nigerians if there is such a thing in the first place and our level of civilization as a people.

The persistent question is what value do we really attach to our fellow Nigerians? How exactly do the decision takers especially the executive and the legislative arms of government reason? Is there any connect between what the common Nigerian civil servant feels and the “high and mighty” legislators?

What has befalling our conscience as a people?

The federal government announced recently that the presidential committee on recovery of stolen public funds had recovered over a trillion naira (N1 trillion). This is highly commendable, but what is the money meant for? The foreign reserves have hit all-time high, the Nigerian customs have broken several records on money generation it announced a N5billion daily revenue since the closure of the border, the Nigeria ports authority have never made so much money since its inception, the federal inland revenue services have generated over 25% of revenue to the economy, in fact it is an establish information  that internally generated revenue and non-oil source of revenue are beginning to match up with the oil – sources of revenue in the country and yet we cannot afford to pay minimum wage?

It is obvious that Nigerians are paying tax more than they have ever done

When will the civil servant who pays tax and works for the country be paid his wage is it until his sweat is dry? Is the tax being paid to service only the senators and the executive arm of government?

The executive , legislative and the judiciary and all stake holders should come up with an immediate solution as soon as possible to the lingering crisis between the ministry of labour and the Nigerian labour congress , for a stich in time saves nine!


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