Benue SUBEB boss bags Sir Ahmadu Bello Legacy Award

Mnyam third left, flanked by DAS Ayu Terna second left,Haruna immediate left,Omoba third right,Tov internal Auditor SUBEB second right and Ikye Director Finance

… Dedicates Award to Governor Ortom

By Titus Atondu, Makurdi

The  Acting Executive Chairman of Benue State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Honourable Mathew Mnyam has bagged Sir Amadu Bello Legacy Award presented to him by the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN).

The vice president of of the Council Hon. Michael A. Amoba who led the delegation across the States of the Country for the Award presentation to the Chairman, described him as an ICON of Education Transformation.

The vice President of the NYCN, while performing the presentation of the Award ceremony at the SUBEB Headquarters in Makurdi on Wednesday explained that the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria is a non governmental and political Organization but a pressure group that draw its membership across the thirty-sixth Sttates of the Federation saddled with the responsibility of setting its search light on Nigerians who have passion on  ensuring one indivisible Nigeria, Youth empowerment and above all render selfless service to their fatherland with the view to carefully nominate and rewards them accordingly.

Hon. Amoba further explained that with the aforementioned criteria, the Benue SUBEB Boss within his short time in office have been able to meet every requirement for the Award as manifested in his uncommon numerous policies and programmes introduced in SUBEB that if implemented  to the latter will turn around the fortunes of the Basic Education sub-sector in Benue State.

The Vice President revealed that the Award presented to the Acting Executive Chairman of Benue SUBEB by the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria, is the confirmation of Patronship.


According to him, the chairman’s Award by NYCN is an appreciation for his immense contribution towards a United one indivisible Nigeria being the vanguard of the youth.

“The NYCN best adjective to describe you is that of the “CONCRETE” meaning that the mixture of sand, gravel, cement and water bring out the product called concrete and this is exactly who you are many good things in you,” NYCN vice President explained.

He called on the Chairman to continue to be good ambassador of the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria anywhere anytime he finds himself in position of authority.

The President further stated that the desire of NYCN, for the chairman in no distant time is to become the Minister of Education in Nigeria with the view to exploring the vast experience he has in the Educational sub-sector for the overall good of the country and Benue State where he comes from in particular.

Responding to the award presented to him, Honourable Mathew Mnyam the outgoing Executive Chairman of SUBEB, dedicated the Award to his principal the Executive Governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom who out of his magnanimity appointed him out of many qualified Benue sons and daughters to serve in the capacity of the Acting Executive Chairman of Benue SUBEB.

Mnyam commended the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria for finding him Worthy for the award.

“I am highly overwhelmed because I thought People go out to lobby for such award, I got a text message on Friday which I didn’t respond because there was no name and on Sunday I received a call emanating from one Dr. Isa Abubarka that he sent a text message to me for an  award and I didn’t respond.

“I almost turned down the award because people who are selected for such award are people who have done so much in terms of achievement and he told me that they have been watching what I have been doing especially in the area of Youth empowerment and in the Educational sub-sector that deserve me the Award and I asked him to allow me seek the consent of my elders which I did and they gave me the nod to go ahead and receive the award”, Mnyam explained.

Mnyam stated that people think  it is only in football that people are mandated to be referees, I think in our offices too there should be  referees like NYCN watching the happenings around and raise alarm when there is a foul  play in an administration and encourage when  the right thing is done.

He urged NYCN to extend the same recognition to other Nigerians who mean well to the development of Nigeria.

He advised People in leadership position to always imbibe the spirit of having passion for other Nigerians and the progress of the country.

” People in leadership should be in their offices to do the needful and stop manipulating things to work for  themselves and make the system look as if the children of their drivers become drivers to their children which I am highly against as the SUBEB Chairman.” Mnyam stated.

Mnyam who further stated that as an educationists, the policies and programmes initiated by him in SUBEB if  properly implemented will turn around the fortunes of children in public schools.

He urged accurate application of education resources to guarantee quality education to common Nigerians who can not afford the private schools now that a lot of resources are channeled to Education.

Nigerian NewsDirect reports that following the rot that nearly engulfed Benue SUBEB in the last four years, the Governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom quickly appointed Hon. Mathew Mnyam to play the role of Jesus Christ in SUBEB to salvage and sanitize the porous condition and restore the lost glory of the board.

Mnyam on his assumption of Office as the Acting Executive Chairman on the 23rd July, 2019, swange in to action as an adage which says’Time wait for no one’ having been briefed by Directors and Permanent members of the board, as an educationist  constituted a Development Work Plan Committee headed by a University Don Professor Nicholas Ada,  first in the history of Benue SUBEB to guide and give him a sense of direction in the discharge of his duties as the chairman with the overall interest to restore the lost glory of the board which shows that he really know the job he was to do.

The Development Work Plan which was submitted to him has the following policies and programmes to be executed for the resurrection of public primary schools to include; priority to staff welfare, to ascertain the database of teachers, teachers promotion, routine screening and monitoring of schools activities.

Other policies are; the introduction of Press Clubs in primary schools, introduction of check the cheat in public schools, training and retraining of teachers, ensuring of security and health of pupils and teachers, providing incentives to teachers in rural areas, high enrollment drive campaign in schools among many other policies.

Other reforms undertook by the chiarman in the process of sanitizing SUBEB is the compulsory three months leave embarked upon by four Senior Directors in the Board to enable him put the records straight in SUBEB without rancor, suspension of an Account clerk for adding unexisting names on the board payroll without justifiable reason, saving of over N200million in the Board coffers as money diverted into illegal pockets.

Nigerian NewsDirect reports that NYCN delapidation to Benue State for the award presentation were drawn from the following Sttates;  Bauchi, Kogi, Kaduna,Kano, Sokoto and Plateau Sttates respectfully.

On his part, the Director Administration and Supply (DAS) Mr. Terna Ayu described the award presented to his principal as timely and a round peg in a round hole.

According to the Director, he is one of the oldest Officer in Benue SUBEB and have worked with Many chairman as shown on the succession list of chairmen in the office of the Chairman, this is the first time SUBEB has gotten it right having a Chairman that really know the problem of the people he is heading and providing the needful without sparing anyone irrespective of your status.

Relatedly,  the volume of results oriented leadership posture recorded in SUBEB within a short period of time by the Acting Executive Chairman drums support from various stakeholders at the local, State, Federal governments as well as Benue sons and daughters in the daspora.

NND further reports that when the news of his reappointment as a Special Adviser to the Governor of Benue State came out, alot of agitations from Benue Sons and daughters were expressed.

Those who spoke to Nigerian NewsDirect on condition of annonimity said the young man is a goal getter to the core that has performed excellently well and in line with the terms and references stipulated for him in the discharge of his duties in the Board.

They called on the Benue State Governor to revisit his  appointment as Adviser and give him more chance as the acting Chairman of   SUBEB to accomplish the good work he has started if Benue must develop educationally without sentiment.

“Our Governor the issue in contention is for the overall good of the generality of the Benue People and not just a section of Benue, so the young man as long as he is doing the needful allow him to add value to our basic education by  contributing the brilliant ideas has,   surely we will see the light at the end of the tunnel” They appealed.


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