Awareness key to safety during dry season – Environmentalist


By Adewumi Ojo

Full awareness, education and quality sensitization have been identified as the best way of curbing and preventing environmental hazards during this season.

This preventive measure was raised by an environmental activist, Philif Jakpor during a telephone conversation with NewsDirect over the weekend.

According to Jackpor, dry season surfaces as a result of high temperature wind blowing from the Sahara desert to the Gulf of Guinea which is mostly desert life condition that brings hot wind, particles that have implication on human, animal and the environment.

“The dryness we experience during the dry season is as a result of wind blowing from Sahara to the Gulf of Guinea, which is hot and has particles which has’ implication on man, animal and also the environment, it’s left for us to fight against side effect of this so as to keep ourselves safe”

Jackpor who is the head of media environmental rights action/friends of the earth an NGO which is aimed at protecting the environment and democratizing development said the result of this effect result to disposure of bushy area to fire which does ignite, and often leads to dangerous animals leaving the bush for more safety environment and destruction of lives and properties.

“Fire may be ignited by game hunter, it’s a period when dangerous animals are forced out of their abode and when this happens most times it gets out of hand, then we have this the fire engulf and destroy lives and even properties

The environmental activist said one of the best ways of preventing occurrence of environmental hazards, diseases and havoc during the season is for the government to carry out sensitization and orientation program on the danger of bush burning and other effects of the season.

He advised the government to set up an emergency operation that will serve as readiness in case of emergency and a means of being proactive to any report or cases of negativity of the season.

“Government must do a lot of sensitization on the danger of bush burning, and also to set up emergency operation, the government should anticipate that we are going to have fire so that we are not taken unaware”

He called on parents and guardians to provide preventive measure against the effect of the season for the wards in order to prevent them from being affected with the season effects.

“Parent ,must ensure that they give their children a lot of water  because in some parts of the country particularly in the North it is always high so parents should always ensure that they give water to their children every time”.


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