Attempt to circumcise Granddaughter tears family apart


A Middle- aged woman Madam Akinsola Felicia has urged government and Civil Societies Organisations (CSOs) to save her granddaughter Bankole Folakanmi Deborah  from forceful circumcision of her grand daughter.

Madam Felicia Akinsola who is an Inlaw to the Bankoles was said to be residing in Iyana Ipaja  area  of Lagos State, refused to allow the head of the Bankole Family  Chief Babatunde Bankole  to carry out the age -long tradition of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM ) on her grandaughter .

It was learnt that Chief Bankole had been pestering Mrs Akinsola  to release her granddaughter,  Deborah Folakanmi Bankole  who will be celebrating her Six years old for circumcision, a move she vehemently against

Mrs  Akinsola  who her daughter Bankole Opeoluwa Esther is married to Bankole’s had to run away to an unknown destination due to series of harassment, but as an inlaw she added that she had been making all efforts in convincing Chief Bankole from engaging in the old traditions because of its health implications.

” Despite my plea that the action is against  international outcries and campaigns against the cultural practice , my in law had continue to threaten with attacks”.

It was learnt that Chief Babatunde Bankole is determined to go ahead with the circumcision.

Mrs Akinsola Felicia revealed that her ordeal started when she was told to allow her granddaughter Bankole Folakanmi Deborah who is just six years to undergo family tradition which stipulates that  female children  must be circumcised.

She however, disclosed that due to the crisis,  she had unable to connect with her daughter,  Mrs Bankole Opeoluwa  Esther because her whereabout remain unknown to her and the family

She added that she had managed to convince the family elders and  Chief Bankole to jettison the old tradition.

“I explained the dangers and risks associated with female genital mutilation, backing my explanation with statistics and journals .

“In the process , some angry youths of the community threatened to attack me for condemning the practice .

“As much as I tried to educate and convince the elders and the youths, my explanations fell on deaf ears, as the elders refused my request for my granddaughter to be exempted from the cultural practice”.


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