APPSN boss laments underutilization of surveyors


By Dada Jackson

Surveying plays an important role in physical planning, defense environmental management and indeed sound economic development of any nation.

However, despite the numerous roles of practitioners in the practice of science of measurements, assembling and assessing and geographic elated information for the purpose of planning and efficient land administration, according to a former chairman of the Association of Private Practising Surveyors of Nigeria(APPSN),Mr. Adeleke Adesina, surveyors have been underutilized n Nigeria.

He disclosed this in an interactive session with journalists

He described surveying as the basic foundation for national and economic development, but decried he underutilization of surveyors by government.

His argument is based on the fact that every development has its foundation on land. He said that surveyors have a vital role  play in this mater.

His words: ‘’We are only engaged in cadastral survey. If this is the only thing we do, I think we should not have spent five years in the university before we graduate. We have other serious areas where we work’’.

To change the situation, he stated, that the body has commenced massive campaign to educate government on the comprehensiveness of the role of surveyors in national and economic development.

On the issue of building collapse, he stated that it is beyond the issue of mixture of cement and sand, stressing that there was need to engage surveyors to be monitoring of subsidence and deformation.

His words; ‘’Subsidence means going down while deformation means cracks on the wall. There must be subsidence before you talk of deformation. Surveyors are the best to do the monitoring of this.

He said the body is canvassing that the government legislates compulsory monitoring of subsidence and deformation.

‘’if you have money to build five to six-storey building, if the owner engages a surveyor at the inception when they finish the foundation and the entire building, the columns must be vertical. It is a surveyor that can determine the verticality of the columns’’.

 He said a house would not just sink or collapse suddenly; it must have given signs gradually.

 Adesina said the association felt it was time to be concerned about the welfare of its members, recalling that last year talks centered on how surveyors could diversify and make money.

He said: ‘’ The aim s to x-ray stress and common diseases, prescribe preventive measures to guide us to develop sound health profile and enjoy a life of stress without distress.


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