Approved tariff schedule:No enterprise has been charged illegally — LADOL


The management of Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics ( LADOL)  has denied allegation of illegal charges on Free Zone Enterprise  operating within LADOL Free Zone. This statement was  issued by the firm to correct inaccuracies that are being spread around following accusations made  recently in certain newspapers excluding Nigerian NewsDirect.

LADOL explained in the statement that all charges levied in the Free Zone by the Authority and the Management are statutory, including the recently referenced 1% charge. According to the company,  all tariffs are mandated by Federal Government policy, which are subsequently issued within a transparent framework. “No Free Zone Enterprise operating in LADOL Free Zone has ever been charged any amount by Management or the Authority that was not on the Government approved tariff schedule,”the management of LADOL affirmed.

The company said that enterprises operating within LADOL Free Zone and the related parties have met with and discussed these charges with government in detail, as they are statutory charges. This, according to the firm is not a unilateral action and to state otherwise is incorrect.

“To operate within a Free Zone, companies must meet certain legal criteria. These criteria include compliance with zone regulations on employment and working conditions, as well as obeying free zone rules and the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” the firm pointed out .  The statement further stated  that Free Zones in Nigeria offer investors a peaceful, safe, and cost-effective environment, with minimal bureaucracy. By design, the firm disclosed that the benefits foreign companies enjoy far outweigh the statutory charges levied by the Free Zone Management and Authority. The charges, according to the statement are known and required to maintain the zones and the Free Zone Scheme.

“Operating in LADOL under the Federal Government’s “Ease of doing Business” regimen results in real local content, which in turn means real cost savings for the companies operating in the Free Zone and the creation of thousands of jobs for Nigerians,” the firm added


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